Five Fall Jewelry Trends We Love


2019 has been a unique year for fashion. While it’s common for fashion trends to cycle back through over the decades, it’s not often that all of them come back at once with a mix of futuristic design.

In 2019, that’s precisely what happened, bringing with it lots of promise for a stylish new decade. Here are five fall jewelry trends we love to cap off the year.

Silver Drop Earrings

There’s something stunning about silver drop earrings. Their understated elegance has a big impact, especially when accentuated with pearls. Modern women have been adding this traditional jewelry piece to their modern, high-fashion, and corporate attire for a look that stands out.

Don’t let the simplicity of this look fool you– with so many bold fashion accessories making waves this year, silver drop earrings stand out without being gaudy. Silver drop earrings, like those from The Opal, are a gorgeous blend of a few trends that combines tradition and modernism for a versatile look.

Wear silver drop earrings with your hair held back in a sleek chignon or low pony. This accessory looks great with a collared shirt that shows a touch of skin. Another twist on this trend is asymmetrical silver hoop earrings, so keep an eye out for those.

Chunky Necklaces

The solitary stone and delicate necklace trend, as lovely as it was, is over. Instead, the new trend is to go for girth with chunky necklaces. Bold golds have made a comeback this year for a retro vibe that looks great with the browns, oranges, grays, and reds of fall attire.

One of the trending chunky necklace looks is to wear a chainlink necklace. This piece makes quite the statement when worn with a high neckline. Rumor has it that turtlenecks are making a comeback this winter so be prepared.

Layered Necklaces

Another turn away from the delicate necklaces of the past is necklace layering. Forget less is more; go for the glam. Layer a few complementary necklaces together or purchase a connected piece that offers the layered look.

This trend is a nice transition away from the delicate necklaces, especially if you aren’t ready for the chunky look. Wear these with a tank or cami during those lingering summer days and pair with a cardigan or edgy bomber as the fall weather takes hold.

Rocks and Stones

In the world of health and wellness, naturopaths, meditation, and mindfulness have taken the world by storm. As a part of this, crystals (the healing type, not the accessory) have become a regular part of the holistic repertoire. It was only a matter of time before they became a part of the fashion world as well.

Wearing uncut rocks and stones on necklaces and earrings gives a bohemian, witchy look that’s great for fall. This trend can be worn as a high-fashion piece as well as a more casual, laid back look. Pair your rocks with chunky heels for an edgy look.

Statement Pieces

Statement pieces have been a part of the fashion and art worlds forever. This statement piece trend, however, is meant to be taken literally. In the 1990s, Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City became a fashion icon. One of her most iconic pieces was her “Carrie” necklace that inspired women around the world to wear their name.

Modern statement pieces aren’t limited to names nor necklaces. Earrings sporting words like “hope” have become popular, as have custom-designed bracelets featuring someone’s handwriting. Make your thoughts known by hopping on this bandwagon.

Fall 2019 promises to be the most exciting season for fashion this year. Get ready for more bold statements, elegant vintage vibes, and looks that kill all autumn long.


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