How to Wear Bracelets: A Guide with all the DO’s and DON’Ts

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Bracelets are one of the oldest forms of fashion accessory, but this does not mean that everyone has had the time to figure out the perfect way to wear them. There are still plenty of people who are uncertain of how to use a bracelet properly. If you want to find out more about the best ways to wear bracelets, read this easy guide and learn all the dos and don’ts of accessorizing with bracelets.

Do Pay Attention to Sleeve Length

One of the most common questions women want to know about bracelets is, “can I wear bracelets with long sleeves?” Understanding how your sleeve length affects your choice of bracelets is the first step to knowing how to wear bracelets. Wearing a chunky bracelet over a long, fitted sleeve can occasionally work, but this requires commitment to the look. Generally, it is best to stick to wearing sleeves that end above your bracelet. A great inspiration example is designer Carolina Herrera, who is known for pushing up her long sleeves to showcase a delicate bracelet or two.

Don’t Overdo It

A whole arm of jangly bracelets is usually a fashion faux pas unless you are wearing a hippie costume. Stacking a few bracelets is typically fine, but the experts recommend your total width of bracelets takes up no more than a few inches of arm real estate. When in doubt, go with less. A single elegant tennis bracelet on the arm or a pair of sleek cuffs can be a more pronounced statement than stacks of bangles going up to both elbows.

Do Consider Your Outfit

Since they are so practical, a lot of women just leave the same bracelet on with every outfit. This is not necessarily wrong, but it does mean you are not getting the most out of your accessories. For more casual outfits like a sundress, try some fun beads or bangles. When dressing up in elegant styles like a little black dress or other cocktail gown, more timeless pieces like a tennis bracelet are appropriate. For business casual workwear, sleek cuffs or other minimalist designs mirror the professional look of the outfit.

Don’t Sacrifice Fit for Style

Of course bracelet style is important, but you also need to think about fit. Too big of a bracelet can distract you by sliding around and falling off your arm while too small of a bracelet can pinch and hurt your wrist. For an ideal fit on a bracelet with a clasp, you usually want a bracelet that is roughly one inch longer than the circumference of your wrist. This translates to a bracelet you can just barely fit the tip of your finger under without difficulty. If you love the look of a bracelet but it does not fit you properly, you may want to consider taking it to a jeweler who can help you resize it.

Do Select Quality Pieces

With its eye catching position, a bracelet is always going to be the focal point of your outfit. This means that your wrists usually are not the place to display cheap and poorly made jewelry. The good thing about selecting higher quality bracelets is that they last a lifetime. When you find a piece that you can imagine wearing with multiple outfits, it is worth getting. Investing in beautiful statement pieces can bring you joy and

Don’t Forget to Think About Your Wrist Structure

A bracelet does more than just match your outfit and make you look stylish. It also draws attention to the arms, so you can use it to accentuate your body. Generally, the rule of thumb is that small boned people look best in delicate, thinner styles while those with big bones can suit larger and more structural designs. Longer arms can carry off thicker bracelets while shorter arms may do better with thinner and more flexible pieces. Of course this is all just a general rule of thumb for picking bracelets, so you can adjust them to suit your style goals as needed.

With these tips, you can be confident in styling bracelets with any outfits. What are some of your favorite ways to wear bracelets?