How to Get Hair Treatments in Turkey if You are a Woman


Most of the time people think of men when they think of hair loss therapies. However, hair loss is also a problem for many women, especially in women who have reached menopause.

Turkey is a well-known spot for hair loss clinics, and again, most of the time you will find stories about how men have traveled to the country to get a FUE hair transplant procedure done. The reality though is that there also good options for women and many clinics have treatments that are both nonsurgical and surgical that can work for women in certain situations.

An important part of developing any treatment regime is finding out why a woman is losing her hair. There are times when hair loss is actually the result of some underlying medical condition such as a thyroid problem, either hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism. Sometimes hair is also lost because of certain medications a woman is on. These are all aspects that need to be investigated before a treatment option is suggested.

In other cases, women may have androgenetic alopecia which is the most common reason that men lose their hair. In women, though, the pattern of hair loss is very different and generally begins on the scalp where the hair parts. Over time the hair becomes much thinner and actual bald spots that are noticeable may develop on the woman’s head. This may not be very obvious until a woman is older in age, and may only be evident after the age of 50.

Hair transplant specialists classify women’s hair loss into one of three categories on the Ludwig scale with type I being the least amount of hair thinning and type III being the most. This alopecia is caused by hormones just like it is in men, and there is not much that can be done to stop the process without some type of intervention or treatment.

Nonsurgical treatment options for women

Various medications have been developed to help stimulate hair growth. Some women do benefit from using minoxidil and in some cases, the anti-androgen drug spironolactone is helpful. However, there is variation in how helpful these medications are for a particular woman.

The spironolactone works better than minoxidil in the case of women who have polycystic ovary syndrome because this condition results in an excess of the androgen hormones that negatively impact the growth of hair.

There is also PRP therapy that has shown to be very helpful for increasing both the growth and density of hair follicles.

Surgical treatment options for women


Women who are suffering from bald spots and troubling hair loss can benefit from the FUE transplant method. This process produces very little to no visible scarring and often produces a good result, especially when used in conjunction with PRP therapy.

There are clinics in Turkey that specialize in both nonsurgical and surgical options such as the FUE. You can click here to find out more about these different options for treating your hair loss.


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