8 Winter Hairstyles That Will Look Fabulous on The Coldest Days

X Cool Winter Hairstyles You Have to Try

Blizzards, sleet, rain, 50 mph winds – winter is a rough time for your strands. During this time of the year, you need a hairstyle that can survive those crazy conditions and still look fabulous. While updos are your best bet on hot-as-hell summer temps, putting your hair up is also a good idea during winter. You can always easily fix an updo which is not the case when you wear your hair down. However, there are still some reliable down hairstyles that won’t let you down on the coldest days. We prepared ten winter hairstyle ideas that won’t disappoint no matter how cold is outside.

X Cool Winter Hairstyles You Have to Try
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This sky-high teased braided pony will survive whatever winter throws its way. It’s super easy to replicate and suitable for any occasion from the gym to a dinner date. First, you need to put your hair in a high pony and then style it into a messy braid. Decorate the do depending on the occasion.

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