Is FR Clothing Safe?


The safety of human bodies is and should be the primary concern for everyone. Your body is your home and keeping home safe and secure is a basic necessity. This sensibility applies to those workers who toil hard in the oil or gas industry. Their body requires protection and here comes the concept of FR clothing.

FR clothing stands for ‘Flame/Fire Resistant’ clothing. It is a kind of unique PPE, that is, personal protective equipment designed in a way that would not be downplayed by fire-related hazards or dangers. It is not like wearing a bullet-proof jacket as it is not purely fire-proof but it surely does lessen the chances of getting burnt terribly.

You can wear this utility outfit called flame-resistant clothing if you want to prevent possible thermal exposure.

The working principle of FR Clothing towards Safety & Protection:

  • It has the superpower to self-extinguish the flames which have caught hold of the worker or any baby sleeping alone in a cradle in a room. In short, it provides the person more than enough time limits to escape the fiery danger and call for help.
  • It is no less of a miracle to come out safely and unscathed from the fire. It can be a short circuit or a gas leak or thermal exposure of some kind but to get hurt as little as possible is the magical wonder performed by FR clothing.

How FR clothing ensures safety?

1. It withstands the action of flames on the human body, that is, it self-extinguishes.

2. Doesn’t become liquefied because of immense heat and fall onto the skin.

3. The probability of surviving a fire breakout increases if the person is wearing FR clothing.

4. It prevents exposure of skin (which happens as fire melts the clothes).

Safety Standards of FR clothing defined by OSHA:

Occupational Safety and Health Administration has enunciated certain guidelines that every worker must follow. One such guideline is the strict prohibition of the following clothing materials –

1.         Rayon

2.         Nylon

3.         Polyester

OSHA Regulations:

1.         Section 5(a)(1) of the OSHA General Duty Clause of 1970 states that every worker, male or female, is liable to certain basic preventive measures from any serious danger like fire, thermal exposure or immense radiation of heat.

 2.        OSHA 1910.335 states that workers who can be victims of electrical threat or peril must be given protective equipment.

3.         OSHA 1910.132 states that each and every worker has the freedom to assess the dangers of electric power generation, flame regulation, transmission, etc. in the workspace and choose the PPE accordingly.

In case these regulations by OSHA aren’t met appropriately, as deemed suitable, then certain repercussions will occur. Such as,

  • OSHA fines will be due and no employer wants such consequences.
  •     There will be an accident cost coverage claim and much time will be lost because of all these.

So, in a nutshell, wear FR Clothing positively under necessary situations.

Potential Health Hazards associated with FR Clothing:

Though FR clothing protects you from sudden explosive accidents, some health hazards may be associated with this type of clothing. Since, FR clothing is formed of chemical compounds, on the extensive wearing of these clothes; you may develop rashes, sores and skin infections. Hence, it is always recommended to wear intrinsic cotton-based FR clothing.

Hence, while purchasing FR clothing, when making sure about the safety standards, also ensure about its material and toxicity hazards related to it (if any).


Therefore, from all the information above mentioned in the list or otherwise, it can be concluded that FR Clothing is, indeed, equal to Safety. Hence, do not hesitate to buy FR clothing and keep yourself protected from sudden fire outbreaks.