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As women, we are always looking for the next greatest thing to add to our beauty routine. Weather it’s skin care, weight loss supplements, new health tricks or the latest makeup trends, we’re always searching. Which is why we went ahead and did some research of our own on the latest supplement on the market, natural breast lifting and enhancing pills. Bust Bunny is one of the first to create a supplement that helps women naturally achieve their breast goals without undergoing surgery. Since 1999, they have extensively worked on creating an alternative for women who feared going under the knife for breast augmentation. This natural supplement is infused with 13 essential herbs and vitamins. They have helped 100’s of women achieve their desired bust size or shape. Along with helping women to achieve a fuller, firmer more natural look the ingredients have helped achieve clearer skin, painless cramps and happier moods.

Bust Bunny is a scientifically researched breast enhancement capsule also created as a natural breast lift formula. Women choose Bust Bunny for an increase in breast size, firmness, and fullness with zero additives and fillers. The ingredients inside of Bust Bunny have proven much success for many women over the years. They understand that not everyone has thousands of dollars to dish out, but still deserve the same results as someone who does. Aside from the huge costs they are saving you, you won’t encounter the same risks that you would with a breast augmentation. Women who decide to go under the knife are left with issues such as deflating, shifting, or leaking breasts. With Bust Bunny Capsules, your natural breasts increase with your own tissue in a safe and steady way. Although with a breast augmentation you will see immediate results, going the natural route will take a bit more time, but leave you with more clarity.

Let’s dive in to the natural ingredient list used inside of Bust Bunny. These breast enhancement pills have 13 scientifically researched ingredients inside; vitamin c, fennel seed, red clover, motherwort, flaxseed, chasteberry, hops, fenugreek, wild yam, dong quai, black cohosh extract, blessed thistle and watercress. Each ingredient is helpful in it’s own way bringing all 13 ingredients to be powerful together.

  1. Vitamin C – vitamin C is a key ingredient when it comes to skin health and appearance. This is typically part of most women’s routine. Bust Bunny is the only breast enhancement supplement to include your daily dose of vitamin C inside. This ingredient helps with promoting healthy skin by producing more collagen causing your skin to become firm and toned. This is an important ingredient in promoting perky breasts.
  2. Fennel Seed – fennel is acknowledged for its abundance of flavonoids. Flavonoids exert mild estrogenic effects and are used to stimulate and repair the growth of new breast tissue.
  3. Red Clover – this herb contains isoflavones that are similar to estrogen, which means that red clover is often used as a source of bio-identical hormones. Additional benefits of red clover is for indigestion, high cholesterol, breast pain, menopause symptoms such as hot flashes and premenstrual syndrome.
  4. Motherwort – This powerful plant has been used to treat heart conditions, anxiety and menstrual periods. As far as breast growth, Motherwort makes breasts bigger by naturally aiding the processes in your body that promote milk flow and breast tenderness which naturally increases breast size, pregnant or not.
  5. Flaxseed – Flaxseed is known to help other womanly concerns, like reducing symptoms of premenstrual syndrome and menopause which is why Bust Bunny was sure to add this ingredient in there.
  6. Chasteberry – Herbalists suggest using chasteberry for regulating hormone imbalance in women. This herb works by releasing prolactin, which is a hormone that helps produce milk and regulates your estrogen and progesterone hormone levels in your body.
  7. Hops – Hops contain estrogen compounds that lead to an increase in breast development. The presence of estrogen in hops is highly effective.
  8. Fenugreek – Fenugreek helps with breast development by stimulating your mammary gland which is what helps the breast tissue to grow. The phytoestrogen found in fenugreek is what helps to increase the levels of estrogen in your body.

To read the rest of the list of their ingredients, visit their website here.


What should I look for in a breast enhancement supplement?

When searching for a breast enhancement supplement, we advise that you look into these things. Be sure that the brand you are researching is non-GMO, organic, gluten-free, made in the USA and made in an FDA facility. Bust Bunny can assure they cover all of those areas. You should look through their testimonials assuring that the product is real. Bust Bunny has a long list of positive reviewers from their customers. It shows that they are happy returning customers proving that the product executes what it says. A lot of times companies will fake their reviews which is why we also suggest searching on other market places. Bust Bunny is found on Amazon, Ebay, Walmart, Google, Newegg and Massgenie with a high rating all across the board. This is the best way to find a trusted seller and Bust Bunny has proven to be just that!

Look out for good customer service

When it comes to customer service, Bust Bunny gets 5 stars. They are extremely responsive to their customers from social media to their live chat team to their support team handling emails. You can guarantee to always get a response from them. Sometimes it can be scary purchasing something that you aren’t sure about, with them they treat each customer like family and are there through the whole process. The team at Bust Bunny has one goal and one goal only, pleasing their customers. They understand the importance of customer service and have an amazing team that is willing to answer any questions, concerns or even complaints that a customer may have. When searching for a breast enhancement supplement, you want to be sure that you have a company that responds to you in a timely manner and you will get that with Bust Bunny.

When should I begin seeing results with Bust Bunny Breast Enhancement Pills?


Most of our customers see results within 2-3 months, although this can vary depending on your hormones and genetics. Some people see results sooner and some take a bit longer.

How does this product work?

The combination of the ingredients inside Bust Bunny work simultaneously to enhance your breast tissue. Some ingredients increase work to increase the actual size while others work at creating a more firmer, perkier chest. Bust Bunny works by increasing the milk flow and the blood supply to the breast tissue which helps with production of collagen and elasticity creating fullness. The end goal of this product is fuller, firmer and more natural looking breasts.

Are there side effects to using Bust Bunny?

There are no negative side effects as the ingredients are natural. In most cases the most women feel is a bit of tenderness in their breasts which is actually a good sign that it’s working!

Why should I consider a natural breast enhancement supplement?


If you are one of the many women who have wanted to alter their breasts to some degree whether it be larger, perkier or just a tad bit fuller, then this is a good option for you. As you know, getting a breast augmentation can look a bit unreal which isn’t what every woman wants. The many benefits of breast enhancement pills are as follows:

  1. No scarring.
  2. Affordable.
  3. Age requirement is 18+ with no age cut off.
  4. Natural look.
  5. Outstanding refund policy.

If you can’t skip work for weeks of down time or your nervous about wasting money, Bust Bunny has a wonderful refund policy. Taking breast pills permits you to get your desired goals without having to change your schedule or be in pain. There is no down time, you should think of this as your everyday multivitamin.  The ingredients inside Bust Bunny has many benefits aside from breast related perks, so it is safe to say you can take this even if you are a girl who simply struggles with acne or excessive menstrual pain. Don’t miss out on reaping the benefits of Bust Bunny, get 10% off using coupon code “fashionisers” for 10% off.


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