The Places to Eat that You Don’t Want to Miss During Your Trip to Puerto Vallarta


Puerto Vallarta is the second top culinary destination in Mexico. Their meals are legendary, and their drinks are creative and unique. So, when you plan your trip to Puerto Vallarta, it’s important to hit the perfect culinary gems. We have you covered! See below the top spots to eat in Puerto Vallarta that you don’t want to miss out on.



When most Americans think of Mexico, they think of tacos (even though you can’t find them in many places in Mexico). Zapata Mexican Bar has delicious tacos of all kinds. Be sure to try the shrimp tacos, as they are the best we’ve ever had, and they make a mushroom cheese dish that melts in your mouth.

The Top Sky Bar PV

The Places to Eat that You Don’t Want to Miss During Your Trip to Puerto Vallarta

The Top Sky Bar PV has tasty meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, but the most captivating part about this culinary experience is the environment. You can eat while overlooking the gorgeous sparkling waters of Puerto Vallarta. And if you come on the right evening, you can catch some great live music and events.


Nine Ninety 9

Nine Ninety 9 has it all: delicious non-alocholic beverages, tons of alcohol, a sports environment, and some of the most delicious appetizers we’ve ever tasted. They have shrimp and salmon filled hush puppies (which are one of my new favorites things now), onion rings, and potato wedges. And their menu has the delicious Portobello Burger for those who don’t eat meat.

Eugenia Restaurant

If you prefer the fancier dinner spot, this is the perfect location for you. Eugenia sits high above the Grand Miramar overlooking the ocean. If you visit at sunset, it provides the most beautiful ambiance. Eugenia provides several courses of the most delicious meals, and they offer a full vegan menu for those with dietary restrictions!

Casitas Maraika Beach Club


If you like shrimp ceviche, this is the place for you. Their ceviche and tacos were out of this world. And what better place is there to eat seafood than one surrounded by sand, sun, and ocean? The island theme of this beach club is unbeatable- it is actually on an island, after all.

Barcelona Tapas

Barcelona Tapas is one of the most popular spots in Puerto Vallarta. It’s full of people, energy, and excitement, and the tapas are absolutely delicious. I was most impressed by the mushroom soup, as it was the most unique and creamy mushroom soup I have ever had.


Florios is an Argentine restaurant that also has Italian cuisine. Their pizzas are delicious, as is their pasta, but they also have a very expansive bar. The bar tender there knows all about mixology and has a drink for every taste.



Gaviotas is the only four-diamond restaurant within a hotel in Puerto Vallarta. It is a very classy, upscale restaurant with flavorful meals. Each course is savory, and the chicken and steak are both extremely smoky and delicious. They offer a palette cleanser in between courses that you have to see made to believe it consisting of fruit dried in liquid nitrogen. This is definitely an experience you must try.


Juices and Specialty Drinks

All of the above places also offered delicious specialty drinks. As someone who doesn’t drink, they were very accommodating. They have some of the most unique and flavorful mixed juice and non-alcoholic beverages around. I’ve never been somewhere that had so many delicious fruit beverages without alcohol.

Puerto Vallarta is full of flavors and surprises. Be sure to try the above restaurants on your trip or you will be sorry you missed them.


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Written by Malorie Mackey
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