How to Wear a Sundress


Sundresses are one of the most comfortable and simply adorable pieces of clothing you can opt for during summer. They are light, beautiful, and cool for everyday wear. Still, you need to know certain style tips and tricks about sundresses to be able to match them correctly with the rest of the pieces you opt for in order to have maximum effective and nice looks. That’s what we are going to speak about right now, how to wear a sundress.

How to Pick a Sundress

Before discussing the combinations you can create with sundresses, it’s important that you know the basics of picking out the best sundress.

• Thus, you need to be sure it’s hot enough for a sundress.

• If it is, then you need to think about what occasion you’re dressing up for. If it’s not something strict and formal, you can confidently go for a sundress.

• Make up your mind about the length, going for a midi/mini or maxi type depending on the looks of your legs and your disposition.

• Pick the color and the pattern you like. We will speak about some general options a bit later, but still, if you already have a pre-selected shade, that’s great! Generally speaking, you can pick everything from simple to sophisticated, be that animal prints, sequins, or some bold solutions.

• Think well when choosing the neckline. This is especially essential when you are going to be tanned at the end of the day after wearing a sundress. So, if you want to avoid those lines, you’d better pick strapless options. In addition, if you want to get rid of the bra and still want some support, opting for halter-tops is the perfect solution.


Styling Midi and Mini Sundresses

Starting out with the mini and midi types, the first thing we would like to speak about is the color palette you may go for. Thus, it can be something from the pastel shades, adorned with floral prints or something with girly and cute lace accents.

These shorter looks made of natural materials and topped with denim jackets make the ideal formula for going out in summer. According to the occasion, you can opt for sandals, open toe shoes or ballet flats. Beige-brown palette is the ideal solution for the shoes.

Accessories to Wear With a Sundress

For going even further with accessorizing, you can use elements like scarves. Thus picking some light chiffon or silk options is a great idea, but, of course, you need to stray away from woolen winter alternatives.

As for jewelry, you can pick some long or short necklaces with earrings and bracelets, which you can finish up with hairdos like ballerina buns. Sunglasses go great with sundresses.

You need to be exact and correct with your makeup, avoiding going too dark or pale. You can use natural accents and options like lip-glosses, but it should not be something dramatic.

As for the hairstyle, you can go for loose curls, fishtail braids or pulled back ‘dos. In addition, don’t forget about taking a comfy handbag with you.


Go for Bright Colors

If it’s summer, your sundress needs to be bright! For those ladies who give their preference to more humble and minimalistic solutions, we may recommend going for pastel shades for the sundress, matching it with accessories and shoes with brighter tones. Still, it’s really important not to overdose with the patterns and especially try to avoid combining too many of them to risk clashing.

Some More Options for Outerwear

It is also a good idea to match sundresses with outerwear pieces like denim or leather jackets for some truly bold looks. Other interesting looks can be created with the combinations of floral patterned dresses and leather jackets. This creates a nice counterbalance between the vibes and the looks.


Styling a Maxi Sundress

Coming to longer variants of sundresses, we can first note them being ideally compatible with leather jackets. They also look good with denim jackets. The floor length sundresses complete the casual style looks perfectly even when taken with neutral shades. Pastel shades and lighter alternatives will make your looks extremely feminine. Thus, depending on the occasion, you may pick the combinations you want. For instance, you can go for the combinations with chiffon maxi sundresses and open toe heels for evening looks or walks. As for linen and cotton options, they can make nice beach looks when matched with sandals. In both cases, you can spice up the look with an extravagant hat.


The unquestionable favorite of the combos, however, is the bright solution with active prints and patterns. Thus, maxi sundresses have become an absolute and never-fading fashion trend for every season and year. It is also universal, giving you the opportunity to match it with sandals, shoes, ballet flat, open toe shoes, and technically any kind of summer footwear. In any case it’s important not to forget styling the look with impressive and catchy accessories, which should, of course, be counterbalancing the whole look.

Style Don’ts Regarding Sundresses

• Avoid ill-fitted sundresses if you want to look taller. Apart from the fact that they just don’t look cute, they also make things even worse, visually making you even shorter.

• Don’t be too casual so it looks as if you’re wearing a nightgown instead of a maxi sundress.

• Don’t overuse patterns, combining too many of bright shades, prints and patterns for just one piece.

Finally, you just need to pull off your look correctly, being confident and showing everyone that you really feel you are beautiful. Also don’t forget to smile.


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