Skincare Trends You Should Try


It’s nice to have a-tried-and-tested routine that you know always works for your skin. However, if it’s getting boring, your selection of lackluster products might be in sore need of some revamping. Thankfully, this year has brought with it some exciting trends that combine beauty and sustainability. Read on to find a trend that will suit your nighttime routine:

Natural Ingredients

Fruits and veggies don’t just go on your plate but on your face, too. This is because cosmetic chemists are finding more and more natural ingredients to replace established synthetic ones — not to mention they tend to look better and are easier to market. Some brands that have a cult following because of this concept are Glow Recipe, Volition, and Innisfree. Business Insider’s description of Glow Recipe’s Avocado Melt Sleeping Mask explains how its combination of manuka honey, PHA, and kaolin clay hydrates and supports natural collagen. As an added bonus, it has a signature fresh, fruity smell for which the brand is known and loved.



While last year brought with it some complicated 10-step routines influenced by Korean skincare, this year is favoring more simplified routines. Multitasking products are making their way back into the spotlight as people realize they don’t want to spend 30 minutes every night rubbing products onto their face. Multi-purpose formulations such as heavy moisturizers, bleaching soaps, or all-in-one toners will give you all the benefits of a long routine, but at a lower cost and with less effort. PrettyMe’s review of Navarro Bleach’s soap details its long list of skin benefits which include lightening dark spots, getting rid of acne, and even improving the appearance of stretch marks. Being able to target these problems all at once means you don’t have to buy ten products when you can just use one.

Pollution Defense

Worsening pollution out in the streets has its way of creeping onto the skin and can cause a lot of issues. This has given birth to a whole host of ways to protect your skin using a variety of products. These can range from deep-cleansing washes to anti-pollution drops that shield your skin from smog. Most of the pollution defense skincare products today harness the power of vitamin C to increase cell turnover and wipe away any damage from your daily commute.

Clean Sunscreens

Sunscreen has solidified its place in every routine and everyone has a reliable product that does the job. This year, it’s time to chuck out that trusty old bottle in favor of a cleaner version for both you and the environment. Clean sunscreen is all the rage with its non-toxic chemicals and more importantly, its reef-safe components. Suntegrity’s Natural Mineral Sunscreen is reef-safe, cruelty-free, and vegan all at once. It comes with antioxidants like green tea and applies smoothly without a greasy feeling. You will feel confident knowing that you won’t be harming the ocean while you’re protecting your skin from the harsh sun.

Only time will tell which of these trends will stick around. For now, it’s best to take a long hard look at your line-up of products and decide which ones are due for an upgrade.


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