4 Ways To Rock the Animal Print Look This Summer


Recent years have seen big brands and fashionistas around the world resurrecting a number of our favorite nineties trends. Scrunchies, platform trainers, denim skirts, crop tops, chokers, bum bags, bucket hats, tie dye T-shirts, Puka shells – the list goes on! And this year is set to see yet another fashion throw back to our favorite era. Think Scary Spice in ‘Wannabe’ and Shania Twain in ‘That don’t impress me much’ – yep you guessed, animal print is making a comeback in a big way this year. While this is a trend that has never fully gone away, this summer it’s going to be big.

But over the years this motif has become associated with a fierce attitude and a bold look, consequently many women have shied away from making such a statement. But this year it’s back and bigger than ever so you need to jump aboard the animal print bandwagon and embrace these versatile prints. For those who are still questioning whether they can pull it off, here are four ways you can rock the animal print look this summer. 

1. Say it with swimwear

A summer essential, you’re going to need some hot new swimwear for your beach break and this year it’s all about the animal prints. From a snake print plunge one pieces, to fiery leopard print bikinis, there’s so much choice available to you right now. And if you can’t decide which is most like your spirit animal, that’s OK too. You can even have the best of both worlds with half and half swimsuit rocking more than one animal motif. Do you want to be half leopard half tiger? – you got it!


2. Wear it wild

Summer is our favorite time of year to get back to nature and spend as much time as we can outdoors. So why not become one with the wildlife by adding some animal print to your wardrobe? During the day you can keep it classy and casual, and then at night, unleash your inner animal as you dance the night away. Below are some of the top animal print trends you’ll want to be wearing this season.


From A-line to maxi there’s the perfect animal print skirt out there for everyone. Pair this with a simple and neutral top so the skirt does all the talking.


After a long day of sunbathing things tend to cool down a little in the evening. Complete your look and fend off those evening chills with a lightweight animal print jacket.



This trend has hit the fashion world by storm in recent months, in no small part thanks to the Love Island ladies who can’t resist a coordinating outfit. They’ve even been seen rocking animal print pairs and you should too! Whether you choose a skirt, shorts or trousers, get yourself a top and bottom animal print combo to wear around the fire pit. 


Another throwback trend we’re happy to have back in our lives in flares! And what better way to wear them than covered in a fierce animal motif.

Body suits:

A versatile body suit is the perfect addition to any wardrobe, wear it under trousers, skirts, shorts, it’s up to you! But why not spice up these already flirtatious pieces by choosing an animal print that’s sure to get you noticed.

3. Make your own (foot) print

It’s not just all about the clothes either, you can also find beautiful footwear in a range of animal prints too. And there’s something to suit every style and occasion! If you’re looking for something smarter, perhaps even something you can wear to work, then choose stylish animal print loafers. Alternatively, for casual summer days why not rock some animal print trainers. You will also find these motifs on a range of sandals and heels, from sweet and understated to big and bold. 

4. Complete your look with the perfect accessories

Whether you’re an animal print fanatic or you’re still on the fence about dressing yourself head to toe in leopard print, everyone can find the perfect accessory to suit their style and rock this latest trend. Even if it’s just a subtle nod to our animal friends.


Bum bags, clutches, totes, suitcases and animal print travel bags – we can’t resist! If you want something practical and stylish to complete your look, whether that’s going on a night out or traveling half way across the world for your beach break, choose an animal motif bag (or two) as your ultimate summer accessory.


If you want to add just a touch of the wild to your style, you can’t go wrong with an animal print belt. Pair this with jeans and your favorite slogan tee for a playful look.


Scarves can be the perfect way to add a touch of elegance to your wardrobe. Small, lightweight scarves are a great summer accessory, so keep it on trend by choosing your favorite animal pattern.


Another staple summer item is a good hat to keep the sun off your face as you read your book on a sun lounger. Whether your style is a canvas beach hat, a baseball cap or the classic (nineties) bucket hat, you’ll be able to find the perfect animal print headwear for you.


No summer outfit is complete without throwing on a great pair of sunnies. You might want to go big and bold, or perhaps you prefer small frames or cat eye sunglasses, but choosing an animal motif adds a subtle but wild hint to your outfit.

Are you ready to rock the animal print?

Back in the day animal print may not have been for the faint hearted, but with so many wild prints available this summer this is a trend you don’t want to miss! Go big and make a statement with snake print co-ords, or keep it sassy but understated with some leopard print sunglasses. There is something for everyone right now, so choose the style that best reflects you and your spirit animal.