Silver Hair: Everything to Know About Summer’s Hottest Trend

Silver Hair Everything You Need to Know About Summers Hottest Trend 5

Cool-toned hair colors are not solely reserved for winter anymore. One of the hottest and most in-demand summer hair color trends is silver hair. The searches on Pinterest for silver hair have skyrocketed this summer proving that we could all use a refreshment in the heat with a cool-toned dye job. Everything that you know about this unexpected hair trend, ahead.

Shade Match to Find Your Silver Tone

Silver Hair Everything You Need to Know About Summers Hottest Trend 5
Photo By @guy_tang/Instagram

Finding a hair color that compliments your skin tone is key before getting any dye job. However, with gray shades, the risk of “washing out” your complexion is bigger than ever. That’s why you need to find the shade of silver that flatters your skin tone. Those with more yellow or cool-toned skin may find it harder to pull off silver hair, whereas this hair color looks really good on people with warmer and pink undertone in their skin.

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Written by Ivana Steriova
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