How to Make Your Lingerie Last Longer


We all like fresh-looking, new, soft and comfortable lingerie. But what can we do to keep our favorites pieces from losing their look? None of us like it when our favorite lingerie pieces get worn out. Some of us still keep on wearing them; others however do not hesitate to throw them away.

Lingerie is, indeed, a very delicate part of our attire. That daily use dooms it to deteriorate. The longevity of the lingerie depends on its quality and texture,  but in today’s market, it is difficult to distinguish between natural textured lingerie and artificial lingerie. In order to keep our lingerie wardrobe around for as long as it can be, let’s learn easy tips on how to make your lingerie last longer.

Use Lingerie with Care

Our first tip is simple: Use the lingerie with care, and in response, it will last longer. Since some lingerie sets, especially silk and lace ones, are so thin and delicate, they can be damaged by a slight wrong movement. Especially if you have long nails or are wearing any jewelry that touches the lingerie, you can accidentally cause scratches to appear on the surface. So, whenever putting on delicate lingerie, like bras or panties, wear them with no jewelry. You can still manage to put those lovely accessories on after you are completely dressed.

Or if you have a silk nightgown and are in the habit of wearing it for some time in the morning, walking all over the house, drinking coffee or watching TV, you are likely to damage it, as well. Once you get up, change to your regular home wear, and then do anything you like without fear that you may lose one of your favorite slips.

Buy High Quality Lingerie

Since lingerie is the part of your clothing that touches your body directly more than any other piece, it should be both of high quality, natural and soft. Of course, this lingerie is usually expensive. But what do you prefer- Having several sets of cheap lingerie and wearing them for short periods of time before they die or having fewer sets of expensive natural materials that will serve you for years? Think twice before the purchase. Better economize on something else.

Wash the Lingerie Correctly

Always read the labels for instructions. There is some lingerie that should be washed with hot water, others with cold water, some can be put into the washing machine, while the rest should be hand washed and never dried in a dryer. Give preference to air drying.

Even if a set says it can be put through the dryer, it is better to never put them in there. Always air dry your lingerie by laying it flat. Never hang dry it, as it will stretch it out. Laying it flat on top of the dryer while it is drying the rest of your laundry is the preferred way to dry it.

If you prefer putting the lingerie into the washing machine, then at least tie the ends or hooks so that they do not get tangled and do not come out messed up. Use the delicate program of the machine.

If you can make yourself wash all your lingerie by hand, then you will save your lingerie for many years longer than you could, of course you will lose some time on the procedure. Nevertheless, you will make your lingerie last longer. If you are washing cotton lingerie, make sure the water is neither cold nor too hot. A medium temperature is preferred not to lose the color and the quality of the material. If you have delicate lingerie, do not rub them too hard, and do not press them hard. Let them dry themselves to keep their look. And if you have silk or satin lingerie, then wash them with cold water or prefer dry cleaning.

Store the Lingerie Neatly

Another important part for the lingerie longevity is how you keep them. Always have your drawer neatly organized. Never mix different parts of lingerie, and do not mess it up every time you want to find anything. For this reason, keep your panties separate, bras together and other parts like gowns and pajamas in a special drawer. You can also sort them by color so you know where exactly to look for a particular piece. Or if you have a set of lingerie, organize the sets together.

Keep these easy tips in mind, and you will have your favorite lingerie items kept well for many years to come.

Even if your lingerie is spoilt despite the measures you take, do not worry. Make a change in your life and add fresh ones to your wardrobe. It is highly recommended to change the lingerie once you notice it has become too loose. A loose bra is equivalent to not wearing bra at all, since it doesn’t support the bust. Do not pity these items and get rid of them when they become really worn. Remember, it is not us who should serve the clothes, but the latter should serve us.


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