Is minimalist or maximalist the right interior choice for you?


Decorating your home is one of the most exciting things you can do. Gone are the days of sitting around the furniture you didn’t choose, clinging on to little bits of décor to help add your own personality.

However, before you start buying new tables, chairs, sofa, bookshelves and other household units, you need to figure out what your style is. After all, there’s no point having a minimalist approach, only to realize it’s not for you.

Even if you don’t own your own home yet, which could get a little easier thanks to Ikea, knowing what your ideal style is will to help you out when you do.



This décor style is all about clean lines and empty spaces. In other words, it’s about keeping everything to a minimum.

In terms of the way things look, minimalism opts for neutral tones and plain patterns, if you go for patterns at all. Alongside this, space is kept clear and empty, with only necessities being on show – maybe the odd book or vase or more practical items such as lamps.

Storage is big for a minimalist design, especially storage that can be disguised. So, hiding things inside a piece of furniture such as ottomans, or adding plain storage boxes to shelving units are perfect when it comes to minimalism. Furniture will also tend to be quite simple and basic.

However, it’s not about owning fewer items, it’s about making your home look neat, clean and inviting, without adding excess pieces.



The lesser talked about design style, this is the complete polar opposite to the above, those that love things, and having them on show, will simply love the maximalist style.

While you may associate it with clutter and excess, it doesn’t necessarily mean that. After all, clutter is just mess. This is more about bold colors and patterns, which complement each other, with plenty of items such as rugs, throws and pillows in places. Comfort, as you may have guessed, is key to this style.

Also, the decorations that you have on show will be more about expressing yourself and telling a story. Artwork and family photos on display, with personal keepsakes dotted around bookshelves and regular shelves, alongside other items, are all key. However, access to items should still be easy, as it looks busy but is still organized.

Of course, you could be someone who loves a mix, which is still easy to achieve through the use of bright colored accessories on a plain background, which can be easily swapped out. Storage would still be key here, and you’d just have more items out. Whatever it is you think your style may be, now is the time to explore, so you’re prepared for the exciting time of interior design in your own home.