Your Guide to Shaving Smoothly


As a member of the female gender, we are often hard-pressed to keep our legs, underarms and all areas of the body as smooth as a baby’s bottom, with nary a string of hair in sight. We go to all lengths and spend more money than we care to think of to ensure we never walk out in public with too much body hair. Unfortunately, society dictates that since we are not born men, we must adhere to the rules of hairless skin. Yet, at the end of the day, we don’t always know how to use the tools we’ve been given to give in to society’s demands. While, today, it is absolutely acceptable to be the best you and wear your body hair as you see fit, we also want to provide you with tools that will help show you the right ways of shaving your legs and any other part of your body for getting smooth results should you choose to shave.

There are many guides to shaving out there and often not by aestheticians, who know what they are speaking about. Mind you, I have met multiple so-called experts in the field who contradict what I can clearly see. Hair only gets coarser for most women if they shave. But then, we don’t always have time to wait for a trip to the nearest salon to get the perfect wax (which isn’t always so perfect either). We are busy women with a career, families and a whole set of needs to cater to. Whether it’s an impromptu trip to the beach or a night out on the town, we might really need those razors to help us make it through the day or evening, no matter the consequences of the shave.

So, why don’t women often like shaving? Their reasons? Between the painful nicks in sensitive regions to achieve the smooth silky feeling to the pain and itchiness of having the stubble grow back out, let alone the cost and time put into removing hair, particularly in one’s nether regions. We’d like to add that simply shaving that hair, no matter where it’s located, can result in ingrown, irritation, razor burns, and other unpleasant results. It’s important to know how to do it right that you are as happy with the result as you should be. After all, even though it’s a societal norm to go hairless, the most important thing is that you yourself find the after effects of the shave attractive and your own skin comfortable to be in.


For the perfect shave, there are a few things you should consider:

• You will need to get the right razor, replace it every so often (when you notice it has gone dull- some people say every 5-6 uses), and make sure it has a moisture strip that includes Aloe Vera, acai or any other healing balm to protect your skin. Acai and Jojoba are especially good for women with sensitive skin.

• Have a loofa on hand so that it exfoliates your skin before shaving. Using an exfoliator at least once a week helps your body get ready for a shave. The razor itself gets rid of dead skin rather nicely, but having a natural loofa lying about is probably a good thing.

• Use a shaving gel or cream. Some who have commented on shaving posts have mentioned that coconut oil and hair conditioner also work like a charm, if not better than the shaving creams. If you are using the latter, it does help cut down on the number of products you have in your bathroom, while making it so much easier to get a quick shave when you have run out of shaving cream.

• Lotion yourself up afterwards with an alcohol-free lotion that will help calm the angry bright red razor burns and shaving bumps you have been gifted with. Using lotion will help lock in the moisture from your warm shower, as well (it should not be too hot, nor should it be cold), while adding a sexy sheen to your limbs.

• Keep the water warm when shaving, and start shaving at the end of your shower, when the skin is soft enough for the process. When shaving your legs, start from the ankles and go up, shaving against the hair growth for a satin-like finish.

• Exfoliating is also important, as this is the best and easiest way of avoiding ingrown hair and for making the skin look smooth and just perfect.


While shaving is the best hair removal method when you are in a hurry and want to get perfect results, nothing can compete with laser hair removal, which will help you get rid of the unwanted hair sometimes even for good.

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