Themed Events and How to Make Yours a Success


From weddings, birthday celebrations, to corporate events, themed events are popular. Customized event decors, tableware, and accessories are trendy to match with the main theme of the special occasion. Whether you want a classic Victorian-era debut theme, a cartoon-hero-birthday party theme, or a fierce Viking era theme, you can make your biggest celebration of the year more fun and exciting.

Check out these themed events and how to make yours a success:

Viking Era Wedding Theme

Vikings are known for bravery and fearless qualities, sailing vast distances to reign and plunder. The history of the Vikings is extensive, and most Norse gods are famous for wearing horned helmets. The complex Viking wedding traditions aim to earn the blessings of the gods before becoming a parent and to continue the Viking bloodline. For Vikings, marriage offered stability. It is a way to control reproduction and sexual activity in the community.

Here are some Viking era wedding theme ideas:

  • Hold your wedding in the coastline or on the beach, in line with the Viking Scandinavian traditions.
  • The bride and groom can wear the famous horned helmet.
  • Complete your Norse wedding with Viking drinking horn options.
  • Give custom drinking horns and tankards as wedding giveaways.
  • Drink and enjoy the wedding reception with friends and family following the Norse tradition, like the ceremonial toss using custom drinking horns.

Cartoon Hero Birthday Party Theme

Children love superheroes, so the cartoon-hero-birthday party theme is a good idea. Whether your son loves Spiderman, Superman, Spongebob, Ninja Turtles or X-Men, or your daughter loves Anna and Elsa, Barbie, LOL, or the Powerpuff Girls, you can always give a big surprise with a bang.

Check the following cartoon-hero-birthday party theme ideas:

  • Look for banners, streamers, inflatables, and paper decorations engraved or printed with your child’s favorite cartoon character.
  • Ask guests to wear costumes following the birthday party theme.
  • Save on venue fees by holding a backyard birthday party.

Choose healthy finger foods like fried sweet potatoes, steamed carrots, and fruit shakes. 

Glamorous Vacation Corporate Event Theme

The corporate world is stressful, so you and your employees deserve a glamorous vacation corporate event theme. Whether you’re planning a team building, out of town meeting, seminar, or conference, a glamorous vacation summer theme is a good idea to unwind from the office environment.

Here are some summer event theme ideas:

  • Hold your event in a private villa for your meeting, training, or seminar to ensure the privacy of whatever topic you’ll be discussing, most notably for your marketing and sales strategies.
  • Enjoy the summer heat at the beach by serving delightful summer beverages like watermelon punch, cucumber mint lemonade, sparkling citrus pineapple, and hibiscus strawberry ice tea.
  • Give unique summer giveaways like matrix glasses, statement earrings, wide-brimmed hats, and swimsuits.
  • Treat your top-notch employees to a free spa or yoga session. A yoga retreat will also encourage or promote health and fitness.

Classic Victorian Era Debut Theme

Even with the digital age, there are millennials and Generation Z women who are drawn to the daintiness and femininity of the Victorian style. For a classic debut celebration, embrace the Victorian era theme by utilizing traditional elements like ball gowns, vintage table settings, and an afternoon tea ceremony.

Here are some Victorian style debut theme ideas:

  • Encourage young girls to wear big fluffy skirts, hats, pearls, and curls to incorporate the Victorian style to the debut theme.
  • When thinking about Victorian décor, remember to embrace dainty and demure, including colors like white and pink, rose, and lace.
  • Make sure you have beautiful tea sets or a tea set for the main centerpiece. Find small and inexpensive glasses or plastic tea cups, and hang them on the chandeliers.
  • Sprinkle the venue with fake rose petals.
  • Buy dainty dinnerware, either plastic or China, depending on your budget.
  • Get some Victorian-Style lamps to replace modern ones (scour thrift stores or borrow from a friend).
  • Hang paper butterflies or plastic butterflies.
  • Borrow a set of dollies or fancy handkerchiefs from your grandma.
  • Buy fake vines or vinery online, or from a craft store near you.
  • Borrow old photos and frame them to capture the classic look of the Victorian era.


Themed events are trending because everybody wants to have a unique celebration. When planning a themed event, you need to focus on the food menu, music, invitation, and the venue. Check online stores so you can conveniently shop for your giveaways and decorations. Enjoy your special occasion by planning the theme early and carefully to avoid missing the essential details.


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