Tips to Have Long Enviable Legs


Leave it to your legs to make you feel perfect! Having long legs makes any woman feel like a supermodel. In fact, women do their best to make their long legs look even longer by wearing high heels. Sometimes it looks fantastic; in other cases though, too much length makes the rest of your body look unnatural. Be sure to play with your look to get your proportions right. If you are not gifted with long and slim legs by nature, do not get upset. There are a lot of tricks and tips to get long, enviable legs.  Follow these tips, and you’ll easily elongate your figure and make everyone’s heads turn.

The Magic of High Heels

To start with, always wear heels. The higher the heels are, the better your legs will look. This adorable creation of fashion is the number one help in this respect. Heels make your legs look longer, slimmer, and nicer, especially if you are wearing a dress and a light pair of shoes on thin heels. Extremely high heels are an ideal choice for short cocktail parties or other ceremonies, but for daily use, you may feel a bit uncomfortable in them. So always keep alternatives. Make sure you have a couple pairs of medium height heels.

High heels will not only make your legs look longer but will also help you get rid of other problems, as well. If your legs are short, heels will help you appear several pounds lighter.

Avoid wearing blunt shoes. They will make your legs look rough.


Wear High-Waisted Miniskirts

The more skin that is seen, the longer your legs will look. High-waisted skirts are the best means to lengthen your legs.

If you prefer dresses, choose slim-fitting dresses that will embrace your body. Avoid shapeless and loose dresses. You will be lost in them, especially if you are smaller.

Complete your look with a choice of pantyhose. Regardless of the season, pantyhose can be worn for many different occasions. They work well with high heels, making your legs look smoother and thinner. Hosiery of dark colors should be an inseparable part of any formal fashion.

Avoid knee-high socks, however. Your legs will be visually divided into two parts, thus looking even shorter.

Rush for Skinny jeans

This part of your garment will do the job for you. Those skinny jeans tend to make even the shortest legs look longer. Choose darker colors to get the full slimming effect.

Avoid dropped waistbands or any other low-waist pants. By choosing a higher waist, you will make people think that your legs start from a higher point. Also say good-bye to wide-legged pants. They will be of no use to you.


If you are wearing high-waisted skirts or pants and it makes your torso look smaller, then do not worry. You can wear long necklaces or earrings, which will make your neck look longer.

If you have a weakness for belts, then wear them on the right place. Either wear them beneath your bust or on the waistline. Never wear them on your hips.

Make sure you do your hair correctly to match your look. If your hair is long enough, a high pony tail will give you extra height.

These style tips will help you easily reach your goal. You will no longer suffer from short legs. Most importantly, never think you have an ugly figure, erase that opinion of yourself. Know that everyone struggles with their self esteem, but do not let it define you. Be proud of who you are.