An Honest Talk about Getting the Body You Want


Obesity, as well as people’s unhappiness with their bodies/looks, is growing in Australia and globally. Despite the movements to project positive body image across all body types (for instance, fashion magazines promoting more heavier models), we the people are not looking at ourselves differently with new, rose-tinted glasses.

Over 73% of Australians wish they could change how they look and 41.5% constantly compare themselves to others on social media.

With all the fitness boom and craze, why is it so difficult for us to get the bodies we want? How do we achieve this without starving ourselves and ruining our metabolism?

Here is some real talk about body toning.

You have to know your own body and how it’s different

There is a reason why there are so many different types of diet programs – ketogenic, vegan, raw food, etc. There is no single approach that works for everyone. It depends on your natural body type as well as your environment. Depending on your body type, your calorie intake and the body shape you should aspire for would differ from others.

For example, if you have a wider hip, then you might not be able to achieve the typical model-skinny body, but you can still have a small waist and flat tummy to give your body sexy, curvy lines without looking ‘overweight.’

Weight loss and body sculpting are two different things

Losing weight and getting the body shape you want are two separate goals. Weight loss can be achieved mainly through eating right (much more so than working out). Body sculpting is when we focus on the type of physical activities/training to get those ab lines and lift up our butts.

But unless you make fitness your entire life, this is a difficult goal to reach for many regular folks. Many struggle with a few problem areas that have stubborn fat or unaccommodating muscles.

This is a common challenge. And many get help by getting lipo or body contouring/sculpting procedures to give the body the boost it needs to get into their desired shape. While lipo will not remove the fat permanently, it helps redistribute it evenly so that it’s easier to tone.

There are vitamins you can take to ensure that your body is consuming the elements necessary to get muscle definition and change the composition inside that is making your body store fat in an unhealthy way.

Working out – not about how long but what you actually do

Again, what your body responds to depend on your physical makeup as well as your environment. However, in general, it’s not about how much you work out. In fact, over-working out can actually do more damage than good both in short and long run.

Doing intense strength/power building sessions in rotations for 35 minutes each day will be much more effective than doing 200 sit-ups followed by 1 hour cardio and yoga. Here are some examples of effective exercises that are known to be best for body toning.


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