How to Look Beyond Amazing in a Mens Romper


The men’s romper trend is definitely one of the most talked-about styles in trendy menswear right now. You might’ve seen sexy rompers for guys on trendy men’s clothing sites (like Differio) or trending in your Instagram newsfeed. Regardless of where you’ve seen them, the male romper is so coveted for its effortless, one-and-done design.

If you’re unfamiliar with men’s rompers, it’s basically a more sophisticated version of the adult onesie with (usually) short sleeves and short pants. Not to be confused with the male jumpsuit, every men’s romper for sale is designed with short-length legs. If you come across one-pieces with long pants, you’re most likely looking at the romper’s lengthier cousins: jumpsuits, overalls, or onesies. 

As cool as the men’s romper may look, it’s not always a one-for-all type of garment that’s going to look amazing on all body types. Depending on your physical frame, you may need to choose certain styles or colors in order to make it work for you. It may take some trial and error, but you’ll be looking amazing in no time after a few romper fittings. 

In order to help you find the ultimate men’s romper, we answered some of the most common male-romper questions. From finding the right fit to choosing the right style, here is what you need to know about scoring the best rompers for guys that’ll make you look unbelievably amazing.

How should my romper fit?

Fit is so important when it comes to romper style. Unlike wearing a button-down shirt separately with shorts, rompers are much less forgiving around the mid-section because they’re more fitted. If you buy a size that’s too small or too large, it’s either going to look tacky or sloppy.

In general, men’s rompers shouldn’t fit too tight or too loose around the body. You need to find a good balance so it shows off your curves without looking like a bodysuit. Depending on your body type and brand fit, you may need to size up or down to score the right look.

What colors and patterns should I look for?

With men’s clothing in general, color and pattern play a huge part in flattering both your figure and complexion. You might already know what colors look good on you or which patterns make you look washed out. As for the men’s romper trend, you can apply the same styling rules, but be mindful that rompers have a unique fit different from traditional shirts and pants.

For example, vertical stripes are known for giving the illusion of a lengthier silhouette. Since the typical romper fits from the shoulders to the legs, a vertical-striped romper may be more flattering on men with smaller torsos.

Which styles are appropriate for casual vs. formal occasions?

Among male romper trends, you’ll find one-piece styles that lean on either the more casual or formal side. Depending on where you’re going, you can find certain styles that are more appropriate for grabbing dinner versus getting drinks.

For casual occasions, try looking for a men’s romper for sale constructed in comfortable knit jersey designed with street-style details, like drawstring waists and sporty eyelets. For going-out occasions, you’ll want to kick it up a notch with more luxurious fabrics designed in rich patterns, like animal or floral print rompers.

Don’t forget, you can always layer any men’s romper for sale with a denim or leather jacket to give your outfit more dimension.