The Most Popular College Student Hairstyle Trends This Year


College is the perfect time for youngsters to experiment. From fashion ideas and clothes to express youth to easy and fast hairstyles, their appearance during school should be fresh and clean. Every year, there is some new crop of haircuts to come. This doesn’t mean they are completely new. There is this back and forth when it comes to the new “it” look, and college students love to play with fashion.

But all of a sudden, there are certain haircuts that become very popular among teenagers. These trends come from celebrities, Instagram gurus or street-style celebrities. Today is about the most popular college students’ hair trends in 2019. Don’t know how to wear the hair? Here are some trendy ideas.

10 Trendy Hairstyles for College Girls and Boys

When it comes to ideas for a new look, girls in college are young, beautiful and looking for new beginnings. They love to experiment, and this phase of life molds them into confident women. Waking up in the morning with a messy style and also running out of time is a real problem. But the right glance will be a real help to get out of these critical situations.

Feminine, Fresh Looks to Explore During College

●       Blunt Bob


This look is nothing new, but its nice cuts make it timeless and practical. This cut is perfect during classes, as it doesn’t need a long time style. It’s a perfect cut to wear in a messy or very styled look.

●       Sleek Ponytail


This is perfect for those girls who have long hair. It’s very easing to do, even if you are rushed for time. For a more elegant effect, girls should try to cover the scrunchie with a lock of hair.

●     Braided Bun


Braids are perfect for a youngster. They are fresh, clean and go perfect with long days of school. It is also very easy to make a braided bun, by taking the side hair and making a braid. Then join all the braided look in a bun. The final result will stay perfect all day long.

       Modern Top-Knots


For those mornings during college when there is a lot of rush and no time for arrangement, a top-knot is the answer. It is trendy, messy and fun. It is perfect for the young girls, at it looks like a suddenly “undone” look and very cool.

●       Cool teenager accessories

From the humble hair clips that keep the waves away from the eyes, accessories have stolen the show this year. Especially those ones with fun, fresh messages. They are everywhere now and can be worn during classes or at a Saturday party.

Masculine College Students’ Looks

●       Comb-over look

This is one of the coolest and easiest looks for boys during college. It is ideal for those who want to hide the first signs of baldness.

●       The Taper Cut

This look implies more volume on the top and gradually get shorter in length as it goes towards the back. This look needs little maintenance and styling products.

●       Long Top, Short Sides

This is a striking variation of the medium length look. The hair on the top is kept long, and the back and sides are cut short. This look lets the boys add volume, waves, and texture to the hair on the top.

●       Highlights

They are cool and add a light color to the final appearance. While styled, the hair will be likely to play with the light, which gives a very nice look.

●       Cowlick Look

One of the coolest glances, the hair needs to be coarse and the sides undercut. Then, by using styling products, lay it back and fix it well.

How to manage time in college for better styling your look

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