Stunning Bridal Lehenga Choli Designs that are Changing Trends


Among many other Indian outfits, lehengas are the most loved bridal wear. Brides-to-be love to get dressed in bridal lehenga choli for their big day for it makes for a truly magnificent and majestic ensemble. Lehengas are eternally beautiful attires that have a mysteriously unparalleled charm to enhance the natural beauty of the wearer. This three-piece ensemble consists of a heavily embroidered voluminous skirt, a profoundly embellished blouse and a gorgeous dupatta that creates the magic that the bride needs on her special day. You can get bridal lehengas online or in the best Galleria of the town, and it is sure to leave you floored.

Why do women choose lehenga choli as their bridal attire? Your wedding day is a once-in-a-lifetime occasion, and you definitely don’t want to go wrong with your outfit. With its lavish and luxurious designs, a lehenga as a bridal outfit has the ability to make you look flawless, elegant, traditional and like an ethereal princess. Designers rave about this outfit and its immaculate silhouettes that can make women of all size and shape look impeccably beautiful. The recently married Bollywood divas like Anushka Sharma, Deepika Padukone, and Priyanka Chopra are classic examples of the beauty that bridal lehenga choli is and how it can make a woman look like a marvel to adore. Here are a few styles of bridal lehenga choli that are creating a buzz in the fashion world and among the brides-to-be.

  • Lehenga With a Trail: Having a trail is the latest and hottest trend in Indian bridal lehengas, and it looks absolutely gorgeous. A trail attached to a lehenga gives it a dramatic makeover which is all about sartorial splendor. It enhances the lehenga’s appeal in a glamorous way. The trail becomes the center point as the bride makes the arrival and leaves everyone stunned.
  • Multilayered Anarkali Lehenga: This is another scintillating version of bridal lehenga cholis that is a raging trend. Inspired by Indian women’s love for Anarkali suits, this lehenga design is changing trends. The long Anarkali top replaces the traditional choli and creates layers and adds volume to the outfit for a more majestic appearance of the bridal attire. Intricate embroideries, zardozi work, stunning stones, and studs are the distinctive features of this style of lehenga. This ensemble is everything that reminds you of the queens of the Mughal Empire. It is a rich and opulently designed bridal outfit that is perfect for women of all shapes and sizes. It is certainly going to let you shine out in the crowd. This luxurious piece will get all eyes on you.
  • Lehenga with Jackets: This is the trend of the season. All the winter brides are making a statement with Jacketed lehengas. At the same time, beating the winter chills to look their stylish best on their winter wedding. Jackets over simple lehenga choli add a sumptuous touch to the overall attire and ornate it in just the right manner. Jackets in contrasting colors and heavy embellishments are perfect for a bridal lehenga choli of this design. The jackets can range from silk, crepe, brocade, net with Chikankari work or even jacquard, whatever suits your taste the best. It can be short or long, just inches above the floor. There is so much to experiment with when it comes to this beautiful style lehenga designs. Bring out your creative best to put together a unique yet chic jacketed lehenga this wedding season.
  • Velvet Lehengas: Velvet is forever favorite. This fabric looks extremely plush and luxuriant, particularly in the winter season. The soft touch, luminous texture, and warmth of the fabric makes velvet lehengas a hit number among winter brides. These lehengas look great in deep shades of midnight blue, cherry red, emerald green, wine color and more. The flawless flare of velvet provides the rich and glamorous feel and perfect silhouettes that compliment the body type of the wearer.
  • Traditional Silk Lehengas: From time immemorial, garments made from silk fabric have been loved by people of India. Whether you were a king or a merchant, silk was the all-time favorite for auspicious occasions. Its rich feel is a symbol of wealth and social status. Silk, brocade, Benarasi, Sambalpuri, Kanjeevaram, Paithani, Chanderi are back in vogue and this time designers are creating silk lehengas out of it. These dresses are subject of true admiration and make for perfect traditional bridal wear. The vibrant colors, faultless zari work, incredible ethnic patterns, and its gorgeous flare is all that you need to feel like a royal queen on your wedding day.
  • New Age Bridal Lehengas in Unique Colors: You don’t need red or pink anymore for your bridal look. Times are changing and so are the trends. The modern Indian bride is pushing the boundaries to create the look of their dreams on their wedding day. New age brides are experimenting with all sorts of colors to put together their bridal look and bridal lehenga choli. Even the designers support the thought and are creating wonders with unconventional colors like salmon rose, champagne gold, sage green, pristine whites, mustards, fiery orange, pastel peach, mint green, powder pink, cobalt blue, and more. These are some eccentric colors that have changed the color palette of Indian bridal outfits and are creating the right noises in the fashion world. Besides, you can even pick combinations of multiple colors, ombre, monotone and color block.

The wedding day is the most important day in the life of the bride and groom. Everything must be planned to perfection. Therefore, it’s important to pick the color and the design that exhibits your fashion sense in the best way possible. At the same time, you must feel comfortable in it, and it should feel natural to you. Make sure you research well before making the final decision when it comes to picking your bridal lehenga choli. So, lose all inhibitions and start exploring the bazaars until you find the perfect bridal ensemble.


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