5 Outfits That Are Ideal For Traveling Around the World


One of the most challenging things about traveling is packing the right outfits. Often, it’s hard to say what type of clothes you will need for a trip because things may change in the last minute. But regardless of your itinerary or the weather conditions at your destination, you only actually need five basic outfits. The key is to make sure the items in these outfits are versatile so that you can mix and match them and make it look like you brought a month’s worth of clothes. 

That said, this is everything you need:

Best outfit for flying

Let’s face it, unless you are going on a cruise, flying is often a necessary — and notoriously uncomfortable — part of traveling the world. When it comes to your airport clothes, InStyle suggests taking a page out of the books of celebrity frequent fliers like Chrissy Teigen and Jenna Dewan, who travel in comfortable sandals or boots, cozy long sweaters and coats, skinny jeans, and dress shirts. Add a few accessories like a hat or a scarf to round up the look. If you hate to feel constrained during your flight, you can also pack a pair of yoga pants, as well.


For days in the great outdoors

Your entire body needs to be protected from the elements and unpredictable weather whenever you’re out hiking up mountains and exploring forests. And even on days when you’re not getting to know mother nature, today’s sportswear can easily double up as everyday casual wear — think white shoes, jogging pants, shirts, and a jacket of your choice. The packable puffer jacket from Woman Within shows how modern designs can now compress, making them the perfect travel coat for vacations. It’s worth bringing to a trip because it won’t take up much room in your luggage and can be incredibly versatile. It’s also ideal for most types of weather, which makes it the perfect all-around coat. You can also consider ’90s-inspired jackets or bombers, which we previously featured here on Fashionisers.


For looking good while taking pictures

You can always combine comfort and style if you’re the kind who loves posing for pictures amidst breathtaking scenery. Travel +Leisure recommends bringing along functional and stylish leggings or yoga pants, a long T-shirt or a sleeveless top, and an unfuzzy woven jacket or a camel-wrap coat — all of which you can mix and match with the other items on this list. That way, your travel photographs and selfies won’t all feature you in the same outfit.


For the local nightlife

It’s fun to discover a city through its nightlife, so make sure you pack something for a night out, too. A little black dress comes in handy in this case, paired with your favorite denim jacket. If you’re going somewhere hip, the puffer jacket you’ve already packed is perfect with dark skinny jeans and a light shirt or sleeveless top. And if it’s chilly outside, pair your top or blouse with a light trench coat and stylish boots.


Switching things up


Fashion blogger Aimee Song and her sister Dani are opposites but are great inspirations for when you need outfit ideas every time you’re out exploring museums and local destinations. If you want plenty of breathing room, dress as sporty as Aimee and opt for relaxed activewear and a pair of your most comfortable sneakers. But if you want something edgier, follow in Dani’s footsteps, who likes leather jackets, denim shorts, and statement black boots. You can also never go wrong with a loose collared long sleeve polo, paired with dark blue high-waist pants or slacks, and a pair of comfy flats.


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5 Outfits That Are Ideal For Traveling Around the World