Metallic Hair Colors You Have To Try This Season

Metallic Hair Colors You Have To Try This Season

Get ready to shine bright thanks to metallic hair. If you still haven’t heard of this iridescent technique, it is the biggest thing in the hair department right now. And we have to admit, the metallic hues are really impressive and mesmerizing. Silver, gold, rose gold, pastel pink, white, and baby blue are just a few of the variations available. Another great thing is that ladies can opt for several different colors without having to overthink. As the makeup looks get shinier, so does the hair. The fabulous metallic hairstyles below can serve as the ultimate inspiration for a trendy fall change.

Metallic-Hair-Colors-You-Have-To-Try-This-Season-purple green

Photo Credit: @guy_tang/Instagram

Guy Tang is both a celebrity hairstylist and the mastermind behind this technique. The hair guru has done it in all possible shades and colors. This gorgeous combo of pastel hues is so flattering for long hair. You will look like you’ve just stepped out of a fairy tale.

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