Bras for Different Necklines


By Surbhi Kanur

We women are very particular about the outfits we choose to wear. An entire look has to be on-point from top to bottom, only then is it approved for the day. The interesting part here is, top to bottom is not the only fashion criteria we consider, in and out is equally important to us. For those who did not comprehend, your lingerie is what we are discussing here, *wink*.

After all, every outfit needs a strong foundation. It’s no fun showing off your bra strap underneath a sheer dress or having visible cup lines underneath that favorite bodycon of yours or a bra cup peeping through your top. Another important thing is picking the right bra size. It plays a major role in giving you the perfect silhouette, and the right bra size improves your posture. Did you know 80% of women wear the wrong bra size and suffer a lot of issues for it? A correct bra size is the key to perfect shapes that compliment your dress.

So, if you have a perfect dress but can’t figure out what bra to wear with it, you are in the right place. Read below, and then scroll through to learn the bra hacks for all your dresses.

Balconette Bra


For wide and low-neck dresses

A balconette bra is your go-to bra if you’re a fan of wide-neck dresses but are stuck in a rut because your bra edges show in your low and wide necklines. Balconettes come in half cups and provide a lift, giving you the impression of fuller breasts.


Plunge Bra


For plunging necklines

Dying to go to the party tonight but dreading your deep-neck dress? The plunge bra is here to rescue you. Plunging necklines are perfect for party season, where you have to flaunt your deep-neck dresses or blouses. This bra showcases your chiseled neckline without being tacky.


Strapless Bra


For daring necklines

As the name suggests, this bra has no straps, so one can easily wear tube dresses with it.  A strapless bra is a high-support bra with padding, underwire and silicon taping on the inside to prevent the bra from slipping down time and again. For those looking for a low-impact version of a strapless bra, you can opt for tube bras. A tube bra is like a strapless bra but with less support. It is like a strip across your bust. Yes, it does not provide much support, but it is a very playful bra. Both the strapless bra and tube bra are available in various colours and patterns. You can and use them to add layers to the dresses with deep cuts and big armholes. For those looking forward to donning a sweetheart neckline, you should go for a supported strapless bra.


Stick-on Bra


For backless dresses

When you have to wear a dress that is backless or very tricky to don, you are left with only two sane choices i.e.., either wear a stick-on bra underneath the dress or go braless. Kudos to those opting for the latter option, but for those who wish to stick with a stick-on bra (pun-intended), it offers optimum support and desired cleavage.


Multiway Bra

For dresses with crossover back

This is the best option for those who love to experiment with their clothing style and dare themselves to wear tricky outfits. If you relate to what I say, a convertible (also called a multiway) bra is a must-own. The straps come off and have hooks, so you can reattach them in different ways to wear with clothes where the straps of a standard bra would show.


Halter Bra


For halter dresses

You might be surprised to know, but if you have a multiway bra, then you already have a halter bra too. Just detach one strap and move the attached strap around your neck to get a halter-neck look. Boo-yah! I told you multiway bras are magic. Before you ask, yes! A multiway also styles your one-shoulder dresses, *wink*.


Racerback Convertor


For narrow front/ racerback dresses

A bra strap convertor can be worn in the back or front of the bra to hold the straps together. They are similar to a racerback clip in use. They hold the bra straps together and stop the straps from slipping off your shoulders. This is best for ladies with narrow shoulders.


About the Author, Surbhi Kanur:

I’m Surbhi, a writer based in Hyderabad, India, with interests and writing experience spanning across industries. Writing, for me, is a stressbuster and means to express myself. Over the past decade, I have written for established publications such as ElephantJournal, yoganonymous and BeautyandgroomingTips. Although I write on a variety of subjects, fashion writing is one of my favorites and, since graduating from university, I have explored and directed my efforts mainly towards this genre. Being a fashion enthusiast, I just love discovering new brands and designers, and keeping up with the latest trends.



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