How to Enjoy Your High Heels Without Pain


High heels are such players. First, they captivate you with their stunning appearance, make you fall in love with them and BAM! After you spend some time with them, you get deeply disappointed. Facts are facts ladies: sky-high shoes are pretty as hell, elongate your legs, and make your booty pop. Unfortunately, they don’t come without a high price to pay. Is it possible to enjoy the company of high heels without the pain? Absolutely! We bring you some expert tips on how to reduce the pain that comes with wearing these iconic shoes.

1. Get The Right Size


As simple as it sounds, many ladies fail to get the right shoe size. For maximum comfort make sure there is still some space between the longest toe and the end of the shoe. The width of your feet is also an important factor. Your feet might change over the years. Therefore, it’s recommended to measure your feet once in a while, especially before shopping online. Another thing that you need to pay attention to is your foot type. You might have a flat foot or a high-arch foot, which can be the reason why certain shoe styles cause you pain.

2. The Ultimate High Heel Trick


An effective way to avoid the pain while wearing sky-high shoes is to tape the third and fourth toe of each foot. This trick takes the pressure off the ball of the foot – and it’s backed by science! Namely, there’s a nerve that splits between the third and the fourth toe, which causes pain when pressure is put upon it. To prevent cramping and numbness don’t tie them too hard. You can use any tape, but medical tape is preferred.

3. Give Foot Pads a Chance


We are talking about the oval-shaped pads made from a silicone gel. Placing them under the ball of the foot helps in many ways. First, they combat soreness and make walking in high heels more pleasant. The foot pads also keep your foot more steady that prevents friction and blisters.

4. Opt for Platformed High Heels


It’s simple: most of the shoes with thin soles are a pain to wear. High heels with platforms are your best bet, especially if you need to be standing or walking around for a long time. The thick soles split the pressure with your feet making the walking experience a lot more pleasant or even painless.

5. Take Breaks


Although this sounds like a no-brainer, your feet will be grateful if you give them a break throughout the day. If you are a high-heel addict like Victoria Beckham who “can’t concentrate in flat shoes,” you probably wear them each day. It’s a good idea to keep a comfortable pair of flats in your purse or workplace. Wear your beloved high heels only for periods of time, not the whole day.

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Written by Ivana Steriova
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