Fashion Powerhouse Michael Costello Rejected by New York Modeling Agencies

WHY is fashion designer Michael Costello being rejected by New York Modeling Agencies?

In the world of fashion, designer Michael Costello has built a name for himself.  Known to dress celebrities, he’s made custom pieces for Celine Dion, Toni Braxton, Faye Dunaway and garnered national attention by dressing Beyonce at the Grammy Awards!

In fact, he continues to be one of the go-to designers for Beyonce, Meghan Trainor, Toni Braxton, Tamar Braxton and Alicia Keys among others.


So, why then is he having difficulty hiring top models to walk for him in New York City?

Michael took to Instagram this week with several posts alluding to the fact that he was not able to hire certain models for his shows.

He wrote, “Today I was told that an agency is being “SELECTIVE” with the model they rep. So, what does that mean when you have had over 35.6 million digital impressions and social media alone and record-breaking online sales of over $4.7 million with my last collection that’s not including my custom and that’s not including what I sell at Harvey Nichols and that’s not including what we do in our ready to wear.  So, I’m curious what is it do I have to make believe that I’m part of a charity in order to get the Top Model’s to walk for me and make a donation to their favorite charity so that they can get a huge tax write off? Or do I have to put out a sex tape to become famous overnight I’m curious because I would love to have a fashion show one day with the Top Models walking for me but unfortunately the agencies in New York do not want to help me book the Top Models. Fortunately, there are two agencies in New York that I’m working with who have been wonderful and sending me talent Who will be credited after my show.”


He went on to say in another post, “Putting myself out there one last time because I’m really made (sic) as hell.  It’s not enough that I have achieved some of the biggest accomplishments of my life in this industry, but I have to be DISCRIMINATED AGAINST FROM MODELING AGENCIES IN NYC WHO ARE BEING “SELECTIVE” WITH THEIR TALENT…DEAR AGENCIES DID YOU KNOW THAT THE GIRLS STILL WEAR ME ON THE RED CARPET? Why is it okay for them to wear my dresses, but they can’t do my shows? I am asking everyone to be civil and to be respectful if someone is paying for goods or service it’s not fair to racial profile them.”


Is this a case of racial discrimination?  Michael is of Romani, Italian, Hungarian, Russian and Greek origins. Or is there another reason why he is being told no?


Michael went on to post the actual rejection letter he received from a New York agency on his Instagram account. Alongside, he wrote, “SADLY I AM BEING PROFILED by the NEW YORK Model agencies it’s so not fair. First and foremost, I want to thank God for the life I have. I know many of you may only see the highlights on Instagram of me dressing huge stars like Beyonce, JLo, Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj, Ariana Grande, Cardi B, and more, but this journey has not been easy for me. Even at where I am right now, I still get profiled and discriminated against because of who I am as an individual. Certain celebrities will come to me for dresses personally and after I help them at the most pivotal points in their career, their agents still refuse to let them come to my show because they want to be “selective” as to where their talents are seen. This post is not to attack anyone in particular but to remind everyone that no matter where you are in your career, be grateful to those who have helped you! Always remember where you came from. Stay humble. Work hard. BE KIND. AND BEING SELECTIVE OF TALENT WALKING IN A RUNWAY SHOW IS ALSO FULL OF SHIT AND BEING DISCRIMINATED AGAINST!”


Many of Michael’s fans have been rallying support for him and have posted comments under his statements. One supporter said, “Discrimination is so vile😠 and the people that are doing it, know they are doing it but want to pretend they are not!!🤔 This is so unfair. I bet if you post a casting call, some of the girls from those same agencies that are discriminating against you, will show up because, at the end of the day, models want to get paid for their services.😬”

And another said, “Wow that is terrible!! I whole heartedly believe the fashion industry is racist anyways so I’m not shocked….Ex: I went in a couple of interviews in the last month for internships and the interviews went great and I was well qualified..the one interview I got was the one where the people at the internship weren’t all white…I don’t think it’s a coincidence so I’m not surprised at this.”


Still, others wonder if perhaps the reason why he was being rejected might not be racial profiling.  One commenter said, “How do you know you’re being profiled? I would reply back and ask why?” And yet another said, “Selective in what way? What does that mean?”

What do YOU think? Do you think Michael Costello is a victim of racial profiling or do you think he is being rejected by New York agencies for another reason?


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