Everlane Is Launching Sustainable “Clean Silk”

Everlane Is Launching Sustainable "Clean Silk'

The future lies in sustainability. If we keep using the same materials and sources we’ve been using so far, things will only get ugly. A lot of clothing and makeup labels are slowly realizing that changes have to be made. This is a great starting point in bringing a whole new perspective on how to live a better life. Everlane is one of the rare brands that is trying really hard to develop those changes in every aspect of their production. The latest innovation coming from the fashion house is a unique material which is exclusive to only their designs.

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Clean silk is a collection of silk designs that will drop on August 20. Everything was made in a Bluesign-certified dyehouse. In other words, there were no harmful ingredients used in the process of making and coloring. The factory is LEED-certified, with an energy-efficient protocol. Everlane is implementing a three-step plan that will be delivered during the following years. The first step is marked by the release of the clean silk line. As a part of the second one, the label will commit to only working with organically farmed silk that is also regenerative. This is expected to happen in 2020. And the final step is scheduled for 2022 when Everlane’s silk will be washed and dyed only with recycled water.

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“Where we have come from has been more focused on the social side of manufacturing — making sure the workers are treated well and paid fairly, and that there’s no human trafficking. Now, we’re taking it to another level and building in the environmental and sustainable side. The focus is really on making sure that all the chemicals that they’re using are the safest and cleanest out there. We’re very loyal to our suppliers; we want to make sure we’re not just ditching people that have been with us from the beginning. I knew that the [previous] supplier’s vision was not sustainability, and I’ve been very honest with all of our suppliers that that’s where we’re going, and they either need to evolve and innovate or eventually it’s gonna be an issue.”- Everlane’s head of product Kim Smith told Fashionista.

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Everlane is upping their sustainability game even more, and customers are loving it. The label is not only offering affordable prices and quality designs, but they are also completely dedicated to making the production more eco-friendly and materials more sustainable. The label teamed up with the Nanchong Fashion Manufacturing Ltd. in China, so that is how the three-step plan will be implemented. The Chinese built an amazing factory that only works on renewable energy. They are now working side by side to also introduce a special farm that will produce regenerative organic silk. The clean silk collection is made of five new designs and six classic ones. You can already sign up on a waitlist, or be the first to shop on August 20.

Everlane-Is-Launching-Sustainable-“Clean-Silk”-China factory

Everlane-Is-Launching-Sustainable-“Clean-Silk”-China factory

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