Bella Thorne Faces Backlash Over Her New Makeup Line

Bella Thorne Faces Backlash Over Her New Makeup Line

Bella Thorne is a real chameleon when it comes to beauty. The star is no stranger to bold colorful makeup looks. Since every celebrity is getting a makeup line these days, Bella also decided to treat her fans with some makeup goodies. She unveiled the Filthy Fangs makeup line with two debut products. Bella released two new colorful eyeshadows as a part of her existing merch.


For her first foray into the world of makeup, Bella Thorne created two ocean-inspired palettes. The Ocean Drive palette is a nine-pan eyeshadow palette that includes fire red, Barbie pink, sky blue, midnight blue, electric purple and more colorful eyeshadows. The palette comes in a neon yellow box that features a mirror and costs $50. The second eyeshadow palette dubbed South Beach is another edition filled with bright hues. This palette also consists of 9 eyeshadows among which yellow, blue, purple, red and other bold shades. This palette retails for $60 and includes all-glitter eyeshadows.

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Bella Thorne teased her makeup line back in July, but fans had to wait until this weekend to get their hands on the new releases. However, the internet wasn’t happy with the actress’ makeup products. These days, when a celebrity announces a makeup line, the internet is divided. Some are excited that their favorite star is offering a piece of her makeup routine with everyone. Others, don’t like the fact that celebrities are trying to profit with the world’s current obsession with makeup. However, this isn’t the main reason why Bella Throne faced backlash over Filthy Fangs.

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First of all, the internet thinks that the prices are really “B*tch I’m Bella Thorne.” People took it to the comments to say that not everyone can afford to pay $50 and $60 for nine-pan eyeshadow palettes. However, the situation got really heated when a surprising number of people compared these pallets to the ones by indie brand, Juvia’s Place. Both the Insta-famous brand and Bella Thorne’s Filthy Fangs sell nine-pan palettes with colorful, highly pigmented eyeshadows. The main difference is the price, as Juvia’s Place eyeshadow palettes are extremely affordable.

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Although the internet shaded Filthy Fangs, it seems that the launch went quite well for Bella Thorne. She took it to her personal Instagram to announce that the Ocean Drive and South Beach eyeshadow palettes had sold out immediately:

“We sold out in a day, but don’t worry I already reordered;) thank you guys for helping a b out :),” she wrote.


Despite the mixed feelings around Bella Thorne’s Filthy Fangs, there is more to come from this brand in the future. The singer previously teased that she will be dropping lipsticks. In addition to the makeup releases, she is also selling her own merch under the same brand.

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