Nike Debuts City Ready Fall 2018 Collection


In a world where women are constantly on the go, they definitely need the proper attire to keep them trendy and comfortable. Most of the ladies out there are shifting between work, gym, and home, trying to make everything happen. Nike had all of this in mind when creating their latest collection. Dubbed as City Ready, this line will have you obsessed with the versatile designs it delivers. As a part of the range, Nike made sure to include a lot of new innovations.

Nike-Debuts-City-Ready-Fall-2018-Collection-bodysuit jacket

Nike-Debuts-City-Ready-Fall-2018-Collection-black pants grey top

To present the day-to-night styles, the label tapped American tennis player Sloane Stephens and model/photographer/dancer Olivia Burgess. The two exceptional ladies stood in front of the lens of another female, photographer, Paola Kudacki. The whole City Ready collection was designed by an all-female team of creators, led by Maria Vu. Nike involved only women in every step of the creative process. The 9 pieces in the line are designed to make the life of ladies much easier, without having to compromise looking good.

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“The exciting design challenge was bringing performance and style details together seamlessly without compromising on one or the other. The collection is grounded in Nike’s most pinnacle performance innovation, but the design challenge‚Äö√Ñ√∂‚àö√ë‚àö√Üand the fun!‚Äö√Ñ√∂‚àö√ë‚àö√Üwas reimagining Nike’s innovations through a fashion lens.’- said Maria Vu, Nike Women’s senior creative director.

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The City Ready range features both apparel and footwear. Fashionable ladies can shop for super-cool pants, sports bras, tops, sneakers, bodysuits and so much more. Although black, white and grey are the most present colors, Nike’s designers made sure to also add fun hues such as purple and silver. All of the pieces are versatile and ready to mix and match. They are extremely comfy as well as fashionable enough to wear them outside of the gym.


Nike-Debuts-City-Ready-Fall-2018-Collection-pants jacket sports bra

“This is my first campaign with Nike, so it’s very exciting for me. It’s a great product, and I love to represent women and all shapes. I think I’ve worn more leggings in my life than anyone on the planet. It is nice to dress up sometimes. [With this collection] I don’t have to think, I just have all my outfits ready. It works out perfectly for me.’- explained Sloane Stephens.

Nike-Debuts-City-Ready-Fall-2018-Collection-pants jacket sports bra

Nike-Debuts-City-Ready-Fall-2018-Collection-sports bra leggings

The 9-item City Ready collection will debut in North America on September 14, and in Europe on September 6. Thanks to Nike, you won’t have to sacrifice skipping the gym after work or going out when you don’t have the time to change outfits. Now you can do everything in a single look.

Photo Credit: Nike

Written by Martina Todorovska
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