Is Mascara Losing The Lash Game?


In this Instagram-influenced reality, a lot of things are changing. This social media platform together with the video tutorials on YouTube tremendously upgraded our makeup routines and skills. One thing that Instagram and influencers made us do is to try lash extensions and lash lifting. These two lash-enhancing treatments are all over our feed making it hard not to upgrade your lash game. All of a sudden mascara looks like too much work in the morning. Why bother to curl and then coat your lashes with a few layers of mascara when you can just “wake up like this?”

Is Mascara Losing The Lash Game?

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A new report shows that lash lifting and lash extensions might take over the lead when it comes to lash enhancement. Busy ladies, as well as millennials, are all about simplifying their beauty and makeup routine. Lash extensions are super customizable, making it possible to copy your favorite style of falsies and wear it for a while. Since lashes open up and define the eyes, having lash extensions means that you have one less thing to worry about in the morning. The same applies to lash lifting, which offers a more natural effect. By lifting your lashes you look more fresh and awake, which is something we could all use when the alarm goes on. These advantages made many ladies ditch their favorite mascaras and get a perm for their lashes.

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The report by Business of Fashion is based on results by Euromonitor that predicts that the growth of mascara products within the UK will drop for 2% by the year 2021, and 4% in the past three years. The company adds that in the meantime, the demand for lash extensions and other permanent lash treatments will continue to grow.

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There also might be another reason why mascara isn’t as popular as it used to be. According to Business of Fashion, mascaras are quite difficult products to develop. It’s almost like creating two separate products because brands have to come up with a design for the wand and a formula for the mascara. The statement is backed by facts – many mega-successful brands somehow don’t sell mascaras. Celebrity-owned Fenty Beauty, Kylie Cosmetics, and KKW Beauty, as well as Instagram’s favorite Anastasia Beverly Hills, don’t have a mascara in their ranges. Among other things, these brands might not be interested in the product because is losing its relevance in the world of beauty.

Is Mascara Losing The Lash Game?

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Sarah Jindal, a senior beauty analyst at Mintel, told BoF that “people are willing to invest a little bit more in going and getting a lash lift or lash extensions because they know it then makes their routine in the morning that much easier.”

However, mascara will still remain an important beauty staple. No matter what the future holds for it, the classic wand is still the most popular choice.

Written by Ivana Steriova
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