Good American’s First Activewear Line Is Here


The wait is finally over! Only ten days after announcing that Good American will tap into activewear, Khloe Kardashian and Emma Grede released their first sporty collection. The debut line is so much better than we all expected. So far, the two business partners have only had pleasant surprises for their customers. First, they co-founded one of the rare brands which offer extended sizing and styles for jeans. Later they launched trendy bodysuits and sweats. The co-founders felt like the market was missing fashionable activewear in such a wide range of sizes, so they made that happen as well. Khloe and Emma hinted about the drop last week, and now you can prepare your credit cards.

Good-American's-First-Activewear-Line-Is-Here-long sleeve black top


It’s a 41-piece collection dubbed as “Performance’. This is such an impressive number for a debut line. According to the two partners, it was more than a year in the making. They’ve had a try to launch faster in 2017, but unfortunately, the fit wasn’t as good as they wanted. Today, the debut fitness Good American collection is available online. Khloe and Emma made sure to fulfill all of your sportswear dreams and include top-notch cooling fabrics, four-way stretch technique, and antiperspirant materials.

Good-American's-First-Activewear-Line-Is-Here black sports bra leggings

Good-American's-First-Activewear-Line-Is-Here sports bra

Good-American's-First-Activewear-Line-Is-Here-long sleeve black top black leggings

“Performance’ features everything you need for a fashionable workout, including tops, biker shorts, leggings, sports bras, hoodies and more. They’re all very flattering and designed to make you feel even better in your skin. The most important part of the releases is the sizing range. Everything will be available in sizes that start at XS to 4X. The separates are meant to be worn day and night, thanks to the trendy design.

Good-American's-First-Activewear-Line-Is-Here black top

Good-American's-First-Activewear-Line-Is-Here black sports bra leggings

“I live in activewear. Being pregnant and being able to just have a baby and seeing my body fluctuate, I really got to try on our clothes in so many different sizes on myself which I was really actually grateful for because I got to test everything myself. We actually attempted to do this over a year ago and the fit was so bad it just didn’t work out and we’re not about rushing anything. I hate when people want to focus on only really [thin] people and that means they’re healthy and they’re working out. I know a lot of really skinny, tiny people that are not healthy.”- Kardashian told Fashionista.


Good-American's-First-Activewear-Line-Is-Here black top leggings

You can start shopping for your favorite steals at The price range starts at $45, making the “Performance’ collection a part of the more affordable activewear ones.

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