Milla Jovovich Fronts Balmain’s Fifth Element-Inspired Fall 2018 Ads


Remember back in the day when you were obsessed with Milla Jovovich from “The Fifth Element’? Well, it seems that Olivier Rousteing from Balmain was completely infatuated with the movie and the star as well. For the luxury brand’s Fall 2018 ads, the designer tapped the muse from his childhood, Milla Jovovich. The iconic model and actress starred in the movie exactly 20 years ago, so the two decided to celebrate the anniversary in the best possible way.

Milla-Jovovich-Fronts-Balmain's-Fifth-Element-Inspired-Fall-2018-Ads-stripe sweater

Milla-Jovovich-Fronts-Balmain's-Fifth-Element-Inspired-Fall-2018-Ads-silver dress

Although Balmain’s Fall 2018 campaign has a strong Matrix vibe, the clothes can easily be included in the cult “The Fifth Element” filmed in 1997. The young designer once again opted for extravagant looks. There is a perfect balance between ultimate glamour and ready-to-wear silhouettes. Olivier is in love with bold fabrics, and this collection is another proof of that. You’ll see plenty of shiny metallics, holographic materials, neon shades, and eye-catching prints. The whole line is definitely toned down compared to the previous ones, with Balmain slowly taking a different approach to selling.

Milla-Jovovich-Fronts-Balmain's-Fifth-Element-Inspired-Fall-2018-Ads-holographic skirt printed top

Milla-Jovovich-Fronts-Balmain's-Fifth-Element-Inspired-Fall-2018-Ads-black neon green dress

“Like every French kid growing up in the’90s, I was obsessed with “The Fifth Element.” So, obviously, there’s no need to tell me that Milla Jovovich is an incredible actor and a stunningly beautiful woman. I’ve long admired her strength, style, and talents and I’ve often dreamed of finding a way to work with Milla on a Balmain project. That’s why I was beyond excited when she agreed to sign on for our Fall-Winter campaign. I couldn’t wait to see the first images from the London shoot. I knew enough to expect great things ‚Äö√Ñ√∂‚àö√ë‚àö√Ü but, honestly, I wasn’t expecting to be so blown away, so quickly. From the moment I saw the raw footage, I knew that we had already captured exactly what we needed.’- Rousteing said in his statement.

Milla-Jovovich-Fronts-Balmain's-Fifth-Element-Inspired-Fall-2018-Ads-oink suit

Milla-Jovovich-Fronts-Balmain's-Fifth-Element-Inspired-Fall-2018-Ads-silver dress

An Le is the one who took the shots in a setting located in London. It all happens in what looks like an abandoned warehouse giving the whole campaign a mystic vibe. Jake Nava directed a video that is a part of the promotional campaign. It perfectly captures the whole surreal theme of the designs. Mila has her hair sleeked black in a messy way, while the makeup is kept minimal. Everything was, of course, done under the sharp eye of the creative director Olivier Rousteing. The luxury fashion house will focus more on retail from now on, that’s why you’re seeing a lot of wearable pieces.

Milla-Jovovich-Fronts-Balmain's-Fifth-Element-Inspired-Fall-2018-Ads-nude and black dress

Milla-Jovovich-Fronts-Balmain's-Fifth-Element-Inspired-Fall-2018-Ads-stripe sweater metallic pants

Photo Credit: Balmain

Written by Martina Todorovska
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