Gigi Hadid, Misty Copeland & More Star in Pirelli 2019 Calendar

This year’s Pirelli calendar puts celebrities of different backgrounds in the role of movie characters who are chasing big dreams. Four protagonists are part of the unique Pirelli 2019 project: supermodel Gigi Hadid, prima ballerina Misty Copeland, actress Julia Garner and French model/actress Laetitia Casta.

Gigi Hadid’s appearance in this project is nothing like her previous Pirelli features. She portraits a reclusive heiress who spends her days in an apartment together with her “best friend and confidant” played by designer Alexander Wang. According to Gigi, there is a strong connection between her and this character. In real life, she travels a lot on her own. The heiress that she portraits decided to escape from her glamorous world in a rented New York penthouse together with her closest friend. Although people get to see the glamorous side of her life, where she is surrounded by thousands of people, at the end of the day Gigi is often alone in her hotel room away from her friends and family.

“I can kind of relate in a way, because I’m always traveling alone and sometimes I find myself, after being around hundreds of people, in a setting where it seems like a lot going for me and it’s very glamorous, but at the end of the night I’m in a room by myself. I might be in a country where I don’t know anyone, in a weird time zone where no one at home is awake, and there’s no one to talk to,” Gigi Hadid explained to Harper’s Bazaar.

This was the third Pirelli calendar appearance for Gigi Hadid and undoubtedly the most emotional one. Hadid admitted that she’d “love to act”, but she is still waiting for the right role. The blonde stunner shared that she gets offers to play “the model” or “the girlfriend” every week, roles that don’t really excite her.

Prima ballerina Misty Copeland had to switch dancing styles for this project as she got in the role of an exotic dancer. She surprised everyone with her acting skills in the Pirelli 2019 calendar project. Her amazing performance confused the owner of the Miami strip club where the shoot took place. He thought she is a local and even tried to hire her.

American actress Julia Garner is also a part of the cinematic Pirelli 2019 calendar theme. She plays an ambitious botanical photographer who dreams of becoming a famous portrait photographer.

Lastly, the French model/actress Laetitia Casta appears in the Pirelli 2019 calendar shots as someone who fantasizes to become a world-known painter.

Each story of the four stars of this project shows the changing nature of success. The official Pirelli 2019 calendar is shot by the legendary photographer Albert Watson and will be available this year in November.

Photo Credit: Alessandro Scotti

Written by Ivana Steriova
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