Kim Kardashian To Drop Three New Kimoji Fragrances

KKW Beauty To Drop Three New Kimoji Fragrances

We simply can’t get enough of Kim Kardashian and her KKW releases. The beauty mogul is not only one of the most influential ladies in the world, but also a very successful businesswoman. Kim knows exactly how to cash in from her great beauty secrets. Ever since she launched KKW Beauty, everything she’s dropped sold out in a matter of minutes. To celebrate the start of summer, Kardashian announced three new Kimoji fragrances.

KKW Beauty To Drop Three New Kimoji Fragrances

So far, we got used to having our social media overwhelmed with KKW ads, that promote their products in a number of ways. The three new Kimoji releases were casually mentioned during a press release held for the influencer’s first pop-up store. Kim’s debut pop-up was set in motion yesterday at the Century City mall in Los Angeles. The whole press release was full of exciting news. Aside from the announcement, the label also shared a number of fun events that will happen at the store.

What we know so far, is that the scents are inspired by Kardashian’s favorite emojis. The bottles will be as innovative as it gets. One of the packagings will feature a peach shape, topped with dipping cream. The second one looks even more delicious. A cherry-shaped perfume covered in dipping cream. And last, but not least, the third fragrance with a simple bottle that says “Vibes’. If you are a Kim K fan, you probably already recognize the vibrant Kimojis.

KKW Beauty To Drop Three New Kimoji Fragrances

KKW Beauty’s first Kimoji scents were released in time for Valentine’s Day. Kim made sure to provide a spectacular presentation for everyone who purchased them. The collection featured three heart-shaped fragrances, that came in a huge heart-shaped smash chocolate cake. Those on the PR list got the products packed in the cake and a small hammer to break it. Kardashian took the game up a notch by sending the Valentine’s Day-edition scents to both her best friends and haters.

KKW Beauty To Drop Three New Kimoji Fragrances BFF Valentines Day fragrance

Mark your calendars for July 14 when the fragrances are set to launch. They will be available for sale both online at and in the Los Angeles pop-up. If you didn’t manage to get your hands on the previous ones, this is the perfect time to smell like Kim K. Since the release is in mid-July, our guess is that the scents will be super-cool and summery.

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