Pat McGrath Launches “Skin Fetish’ Collection

Pat McGrath Launches "Skin Fetish” Collection (2)

It was April 2016, when the queen of makeup Pat McGrath first blessed us with her Skin Fetish highlighters. They sold out so fast, that only the luckiest ladies got to elevate their cheeks with that ethereal glow. Now, two years later the mother has a surprise for you. The iconic McGrath decided to re-launch her Skin Fetish collection and as a surprise, she included several new additions.

Pat McGrath Launches

Pat is probably the one who started the whole highlighter craze in the world. When she released the mesmerizing Skin Fetish 003 line, no one could ever predict that it would be so major. The collection was restocked once, but it wasn’t a permanent one since at that time McGrath still wasn’t launching permanent Pat McGrath Labs products. Now, the makeup guru is releasing it as a part of the “Unlimited’ line. This time, she wanted to upgrade the experience by introducing new shades.

Fans will be more than excited to hear that the Skin Fetish Highlighter + Lip Balm duos will soon be available once again. This time there will be three shades to help you shine brighter than the sun- Golden, Bronze, and Nude. Each one retails at $55.

Pat McGrath Launches

Pat McGrath Launches

“When we launched in 2016, it was because someone reported seeing the product backstage. It was good because it finally forced me to put out the products, but it meant we could only do the essential nude and gold colors. Each of the formulas in the palette had to be different so you could customize. The Bronze, for instance, is very blingy, and the Gold is very surreal, and I would say the Nude is more like a subliminal, virtual reality-kind of shine. So it’s great that you can blend all three together so it works really well. You can start out with a tiny amount of dew, all the way to the couture highlighting you see at runway shows.’- the makeup artist explained during a press release in New York.

Another product you need in your glow collection is the Sublime Skin Highlighter Trio, a palette of three out of this world iridescent powder highlighters. This guilty pleasure will cost you $68. The first version only featured two shades, while the upgraded includes an additional bronze hue.

Pat McGrath Launches Pat McGrath Launches Pat McGrath Launches

Just like in 2016, McGrath is offering the Buffer Brush 003, now available for $25. If you’ve been longing to get your hands on the iconic Lip Fetish Balm, we’re happy to report that it will come in four new tinted shades. The Skin Fetish line is dropping on June 21, so you’d better start seriously saving up. You can get all of the products at, and select Sephora stores starting from June 28.

Pat McGrath Launches Pat McGrath Launches

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