Dua Lipa to Design Collections for /Nyden

Dua Lipa to Design Collections for Nyden (3)

The clothing brand /Nyden has been on the market since the beginning of 2018 and is already making a strong case for celebrity collaborations. The concept of luxury, but affordable designs proved to be a very interesting one for the shoppers. Now, to expand that influence, /Nyden is collaborating with the 22-year-old British artist Dua Lipa. Dua is joining the likes of singer Justine Sky, actress Noomi Rapace, football player Jerome Boateng and tattoo artist Dr. Woo. In such a short time, the brand managed to tap all of these trending stars to create unique lines.

/Nyden is labeled as a seasonless brand that doesn’t stick to the regular schedule in releasing new collections. Instead, they spontaneously drop new releases and surprise all of their fans. It is a part of the H&M family. The label was first announced in December 2017 and launched the first designs in January 2018.

Dua Lipa to Design Collections for Nyden (3)

Photo Credit: /Nyden

“My first love is music, but fashion also plays an important role in my life because I believe it’s so vital to self-expression. I look for clothes that reflect strength and fearlessness but also match up to today’s fast pace. So I’m excited to be co-creating with /Nyden on my designs ” it’s going to be a collection that’s completely suited to me, both onstage and off, and for my fans. What I really liked about working together and collaborating with /Nyden is the fact that they allowed me total creative lee-way to create things that I wanted; to make something that I would want to wear, things that I think my fans would really like. I just loved that creative freedom.”- Dua told British Vogue.

Dua Lipa to Design Collections for Nyden black vinyl pants white top

Photo Credit: @dualipa/Instagram

Dua will create four exclusive capsules for the brand. She is currently one of the best-dressed celebrities with a strong sense of personal style. The sizes will range up to UK 16. Lipa experimented with a lot of colors so far in the creations. That’s all that /Nyden and the singer have shared so far. You can expect the first line to be released in November.

Dua Lipa to Design Collections for Nyden white top

Photo Credit: @dualipa/Instagram

Lipa’s distinctive way of dressing up caught the eye of the newly-established label, so they decided to have her design for them. This is the first venture of this type for the mega-popular singer/songwriter. Dua’s infectious songs and music made her the most streamed female artist of 2017 in the world. Her fan base is growing each day, so it’s expected that her collections will sell out within hours.

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