Outfit Of The Week 5/11

Lately the fashion trends have been detouring (in a good way) into the unexpected. Breaking rules like mixing pattens that we once would have never dared to mix, and like this week’s outfit of the week, mixing occasion wear. For example, in this look I have combined what would be thought of as business slacks, with a fun, feminine, and romantic blouse. Another great example would be a formal looking maxi skirt paired with a basic t shirt or sweatshirt and sneakers. It sounds odd, but it does somehow work. In my collage above I have shown you options for easily transforming the look from day to night, and below the links to purchase every piece shown.

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Written by Holley Wolfe
I moved to Los Angeles 7 years ago for music but ended up in fashion. That's just how things fall into place, sometimes! I had always been in front of the camera, but I felt like I would be better utilized behind it, so that's how my love for fashion started. I started styling celebrities for events, then editorials for magazines, and eventually, major AD campaigns. My primary focus now is being the brand ambassador for Fashionisers, sharing my knowledge with the world to help each person be the best, fashion-forward self they can be.