Pat McGrath Drops 14 Lust Lip Glosses

Pat McGrath just unveiled her latest obsession. Forget about your matte lipsticks because the Mother just approved another makeup trend. The makeup guru is dropping a collection of 14 brand new Lust lip glosses. These are the first lip products of this type from her eponymous brand Pat McGrath Labs. Just like before, the renowned artist used the most powerful social media platform, Instagram, to announce the release.

Pat McGrath Drops 14 Lust Lip Glosses golden

Pat McGrath Drops 14 Lust Lip Glosses clear shades

“Basically, I was obsessed with Lip Fetish and I’ve always been obsessed with balms and everything. I wanted to have something really comfortable and easy and fun to wear the way that a lip balm is. The fact that it’s non-sticky, the fact that there’s a little oil in [the formula] gives you that comfort. It’s just so easy to apply. You saw it backstage at Valentino, which was the first time that we used it. It just really freshens your look; it’s easy and perfect now for spring. This is just my little gift to everyone.’- Pat said during a press event.

Pat McGrath Drops 14 Lust Lip Glosses shade range

It seems that glossy lips are a trending thing in the world of makeup right now. McGrath and her brand are known for high-quality products, so there isn’t a single doubt that these lip glosses will succeed all of your expectations. The collection features 14 shades, all super glossy and pigmented. Most of them are packed with delicate shimmer that will transform your pout in a standout feature. Some of the lip glosses come in statement hues, while others are clear but with an intense sparkly finish. The shade range includes soft pink, peachy, red, mauve, gold, burgundy, plum and more.

Pat McGrath Drops 14 Lust Lip Glosses shade swatches

This time, McGrath brought a novelty in the packaging. She listened to all the fans who adore the sequin-infused packaging but had a lot of problems with cleaning up after opening their goodies. According to most Pat McGrath Labs product owners, those sequins make a real mess. That is why the popular artist introduced a new design that traps the sequins inside and divides them from the lip glosses.

Pat McGrath Drops 14 Lust Lip Glosses packaging

Pat McGrath Drops 14 Lust Lip Glosses packaging

You can expect the full 14-shade Lust collection to launch on May 10 at and May 17 at It may be time to give the matte lips a break and splurge on Pat’s latest releases. The singles will cost $28, while the full collection of 14 lip glosses will cost $325. There are also sets of four, divided into warm and cool tones, available for $95.

Pat McGrath Drops 14 Lust Lip Glosses pink

Photo Credit: Pat McGrath Labs

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