Beyoncé Dropped Nefertiti-Inspired Merch

Beyoncé Dropped Nefertiti-Inspired Merch (3)

Queen B is blessing us with another merchandise capsule. This time, she is upgrading all your spring outfits with the chicest athleisure tops, hoodies, and shirts you’ve ever seen. Beyoncé keeps releasing super-cool merchandise collections for every season and holiday, and we simply can’t get enough.

Beyoncé Dropped Nefertiti-Inspired Merch black hoodie

For the spring drop, Bey found inspiration in an iconic historical figure. The singer paid homage to the Egyptian queen Nefertiti, who is a synonym for beauty. This gorgeous queen was married to the Pharaoh Akhenaten. She is often described in the books as one of the most beautiful women of that time. She lived in 1300 B.C. and is one of the strongest female figures in the Egyptian history. The queen stood next to her king, was a part of numerous riots and even ruled as a Pharaoh. She gave birth to Tutankhamun, who reigned for over 10 years with the Egyptian kingdom.

Beyoncé Dropped Nefertiti-Inspired Merch white crop top

Bey’s Spring 2018 merchandise is all about fierce colors and even fiercer graphics. Each piece features a picture of the singer, transformed into the iconic Egyptian queen. She wears a statement encrusted crown, similar to the one Nefertiti wore. Even the names of the garments are a homage to Nefertiti. The three dominating colors in the capsule are vibrant orange, black and white. The orange crop top and long-sleeved blouse are accessorized with a black and white collage of Yonce’s shots. You’ll also find a trendy black hoodie to keep you warm during the cold spring nights. Last but not least, there is a white crop top with a full-colored shot and a T-shirt.

Beyoncé Dropped Nefertiti-Inspired Merch orange crop top

Just recently, the singer made a statement fashion appearance during the Wearable Art Gala. Bey channeled her inner Egyptian goddess with a stunning golden gown, jewelry, and makeup. If there’s a person that can pull off that full-on queen glam, it’s definitely Beyoncé. The singer is soon starting the On the Run II Tour with Jay Z, so these items would be ideal to flaunt at one of their concerts.

Beyoncé Dropped Nefertiti-Inspired Merch white tee

Just like all the previous collections, Beyonce’s merchandise is very affordable. The prices start at $35 for the chic T-shirts, $40 for the cropped ones and $60 for the hoodies. The BeyHive nation is already going crazy over these statement new launches. You can start shopping the Nefertiti Spring 2018 collection at The Holiday and Valentine’s Day releases were sold out instantly, so hurry up and get your hands on the merch before it’s all gone.

Beyoncé Dropped Nefertiti-Inspired Merch orange long-sleeved top

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