Socks & Heels Is the Statement Combo You Need This Spring

Socks & Heels Is the Statement Combo You Need This Spring

It is officially time to prepare your statement looks for spring. We are off to another warm season, full of opulent trends and maximalist looks. And among the many trending topics in fashion, you’ll find one that has already spread among popular fashion bloggers. Wearing socks with sandals and high-heels might not be what you have expected. But it is the trendiest accessory combo that you have to try right now. You can rock any pair of socks that you like! Embellished, embroidered, neon, it’s all about standing out. Get your favorite sandals and start planning outfits. Check out the pictures below for additional inspiration.

Socks and Heels Is the Statement Combo You Need in Your Life green dress

Photo Credit: @carodaur/Instagram

If you thought that you’ll never wear the sandals and socks trend, you might be wrong. Expect to see plenty of dresses paired with socks and high-heels this spring.

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