How to Wear the Comeback ’80s Makeup Trends Now

How to Wear The Comeback 80s Makeup Trends Now purple eyeshadow

The ’80s are back in every segment of our life in 2018 from fashion to beauty. Don’t get overwhelmed by the bold ’80s makeup trends! We already know all the wearable ways to try these looks now! Flip through our gallery to see what’s alive and well from the ’80s in 2018 when it comes to makeup and learn how you can rock this throwback trends.

Bold Eyes & Bold Lips

How to Wear The Comeback 80s Makeup Trends Now dramatic eyes and lips

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In the ’80s nobody cared about the rule ” If you go heavy on the eyes, wear a nude lip”. In 2018 feel free to bring all the drama to your eyes and lips at the same time!

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Written by Ivana Steriova
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