Cute Valentine’s Day Nail Art To Swoon Over

Cute Valentine's Day Nail Art To Swoon Over
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It seems that the Christmas holidays were just a few days ago. We’re still not over the glitter euphoria, but it’s officially time to get ready for another fun holiday. Being only weeks away, Valentine’s Day is an excuse for all of us to get dressed up and look our best. Put on an elegant dress or a pair of jeans, but pay attention to your nails as well. Romantic Valentine’s Day nail art is already trending on every social media platform. You must’ve seen an array of cute designs so far, overwhelming your Instagram feed.

So no matter what way you’re going to celebrate this day, make sure to get a statement manicure. Some will have a romantic night out with bae, while others plan a cocktail party with friends. Either way, you’ve got a chance to pull off a mani that matches the holiday. Hearts are the top pattern you will see everywhere during February. So why not put them on your nails? For a minimalist look, just add a tiny heart on several of your nails. But if you are a lady who loves full-blown nail art, give yourself the courtesy to rock hearts in all sizes and hues.

But this doesn’t mean that cute hearts are a must when you do Valentine’s nails. To keep things simple, just avoid any patterns and choose a soft, gentle color that celebrates the most romantic day of the year.

Red is always the color to turn to in February. Even a simple red manicure will do the job. But since this is the ideal time to include cute patterns in your nail art, make sure to get the most out of this holiday. For those who are not huge fans of the signature Valentine’s color, here comes pink to save the day. Even glitter is welcome on days like this. Whatever hue you opt for, make sure is not boring. The sole purpose of holidays like this is to give you the chance to try things that you normally wouldn’t in your everyday life.

We rounded up the cutest Valentine’s day nail art you can flaunt for the upcoming month of love. Even if you don’t have a romantic date planned, a fierce manicure will have everyone’s eyes on you. Fun shades of pink and red are the unwritten rule to follow when glamming up your nails for the most romantic time of the year.

Cute Valentine's Day Nail Art To Swoon Over white nails pink blue green hearts

Photo Credit: @essiepolish/Instagram

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