How to Master The Maximalist Approach to Fashion

How to Master The Maximalist Approach to Fashion How to Master The Maximalist Approach to Fashion
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“Less is more” is the least favorite saying for a die-hard maximalist. Not sure if you are a maximalist in fashion? If you consider neutrals and solid pieces boring you might be one. Moreover, if you love to excessively layer and accessorize, you are one for sure. Maximalism is an intricate approach to fashion that only style conscious individuals can master. It’s about having more fun in fashion and not taking your style too seriously. Yet, you have to develop a sense to pair the right pieces. Because let’s be honest, maximalist outfit gone wrong can remind of a Halloween costume. To help you nail the maximalist approach to fashion without going through trial and error read our best tips below.

First of all, get ready to mix prints and textures, add ruffles here and there and include embroidery and embellishments whenever possible. When mixing prints make sure your prints of choice still have something in common. You can’t just mix whatever comes to your hands first. For example, stripes and checks are very versatile patterns that can be combined with many others. Florals on florals is another fun option as long as the prints and the colors go well together. Another option is to mix embroidered or embellished piece with a printed one. Again, make sure that the colors and the style of the pieces blend seamlessly.

Layering is a must in the life of a maximalist. However, try to shift away from the ordinary ways of layering. Instead, opt for a double coat, duster or kimono. As a fashion maximalist you should think outside of the box. Don’t let imaginary fashion rules affect your creativity. After all, is just clothes, you can take them off if you don’t like the outcome.

Besides layering clothes, you need to master the artistry of layering accessories. Instead of one necklace, go for 5-6 tiny ones in different lengths. Furthermore, take a special care of details. You think socks don’t matter? Welcome to the world of maximalism where socks are making a statement. A real maximalist would take advantage of the tiniest details.

The past 2017 was a year of maximalism. For 3-4 years in a row, our Instagram and Pinterest feed was full of clean neutral outfits that radiated minimalism. Although the era of minimalism isn’t over, maximalism is winning street icons’ hearts again. Remember, maximalism isn’t just a fashion style – it’s an attitude. Flip through our gallery full of maximalist looks to amp up your style skills.

How to Master The Maximalist Approach to Fashion animal print coordinates

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