The Boldest Style Move You Can Make This Season

The Boldest Style Move You Can Make This Season (2)

We’ve finally come to a time when fashion accepted gender fluidity. There is less of the “women’s fashion is only for women, and men’s fashion is only for men’. These days most of the designs you will see on ladies, you might also notice on men. And this is probably the greatest thing that’s happened in years. Plaid coats are one of the must-have items that everyone needs in their closet for the season. Females will wear them in brighter and more vibrant colors, while males will probably stay in the comfort zone and rock shades such as black, gray, camel, burgundy, and olive green. GQ’s creative director Jim Moore leads gentlemen how to rock this statement piece of clothing in this video below.

Moore is already determined to make you crave for a plaid coat. The fashionista thinks that it will upgrade your style this season. According to him, you should treat it just like a camel coat. And for all the men out there who are afraid of this pattern he has an important message. The plaid coats are extremely versatile and will make a huge difference in your outfit.

“Be bold, or go home! This is the plaid coat. What I love about plaid coats, is that it’s going to become your signature for fall.’- Jim recommends.

The Boldest Style Move You Can Make This Season plaid coat

Photo Credit: GQ

Instead of going with the already safe choice such as parka or puffer, it is time to rock a good coat. The plaid coat will be a great addition to your closet for all possible occasions. The only place where you can’t wear plaid coats is in the gym. Office style will look much better thanks to a confident plaid coat. And if you want to update your casual style, this is the ideal piece. The best thing is that you can also rock it with sneakers and jeans.

The Boldest Style Move You Can Make This Season plaid coat

Photo Credit: Zara

Also, there are many options within the range of every budget. Zara is one of the affordable brands that offer high-quality clothing items. You can snatch a great coat under $200 during the holiday sales. And if you want to go with a high-end option, every single luxury brand offers stylish plaid coats. All you need to do is decide on the color and pattern that will fit your personal style. Just like with women’s fashion, the gentleman this season will be wearing fierce maximalist pieces. So step out of your comfort zone and buy a coat that stands out. In the sea of boring clothes, you don’t need to be another ordinary dressed person.

Written by Martina Todorovska
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