Upgrade Your Winter Style With Flare Pants

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If you take a look at this year’s runway trends you will see many throw-backs. In these hard and challenging times, all designers turned back to several decades ago when everything was simple, even fashion. The vibes were revived from the 70s, 80s, and 90s. Even the biggest influencers rocked trends that belong to those decades. Starting from all-denim looks, statement coats, to chunky sneakers, you will find many familiar items from the past.

Flare pants are the best thing that happened to fashion in the 70s. And now, they are getting an upgrade and are trending once again. If you are missing an elegant-to-chic piece of clothing, we got the right idea for you. During your next shopping spree, you should get a good pair of wide-leg pants. They will be a great addition to both your party outfits and casual looks.

The flare pants are available in many different colors and patterns. Some ladies choose to wear them with a matching blazer. These combos are great for work, and even an elegant occasion. The power suits look sophisticated, all you need to do is add a chic shirt. Even though it’s winter time, you don’t have to limit your options to dark colors. Nowadays everything is allowed in the world of fashion. When you know the right way to wear a piece, even bright vibrant shades can be winter-appropriate. If you love rocking eye-catching outfits, you can get a pair in some bold print.

The wide-leg pants can become a regular part of your office style. The options for workwear are already limited, so every single new clothing item is welcomed. This year we witnessed many strong cases for monochrome suits. So instead of wearing a classic pair of pants with a blazer, you can replace them with flared ones. And for everyday wear, you can always pair them with your favorite sweater.

Another variation of the flare pants is the cropped version that is trending at the moment. Some women find it hard to believe that this piece can look fashionable. But with the help of fashion influencers, you’ll find these cropped pants very flattering. They look great with sneakers, stilettos, and pumps. When it comes to fabrics, velvet and corduroy are the warmest ones.

Take a cue from these famous fashion bloggers and involve the flare pants in your style. Once you see all the different ways you can wear them, flare pants will become a regular part of your outfits.

Upgrade Your Winter Style With Flare Pants green pants sweater

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Written by Martina Todorovska
Martina Todorovska is a content contributor for website-design-los-angeles.com and a full-time freelancer focused on the fields of fashion and beauty. What started as a way to stay busy and updated with fashion trends, turned out the be the job of her dreams. She is a graduated Doctor of Dental Medicine and currently finishing her Master Studies.