Diana Veras’s Instagram It-Girl Beauty Tutorial

Diana Veras's Instagram It-Girl Beauty Tutorial

Diana Veras is one of the many inspirational young models who break boundaries in the fashion industry. With only 21 years, Diana is already landing huge gigs and walking many runways. She has several campaigns with famous brands such as MAC Cosmetics, American Apparel, and Aerie. The model is a loud advocate for body positivity and encourages ladies to feel good about themselves. She’s been in the fashion business for quite a while, so she knows her way around makeup. That is why Allure invited her to do their easy challenge. Diana is accompanied by her two cats while she presents her five-minute beauty routine.

This 2017 was the year of many changes in the fashion world. Thanks to Ashley Graham as a living force of nature in the industry more women are getting the courage to love their bodies. Diana might be only 21, but she is on a good path to becoming the next It curvaceous model. Veras is followed by more than 277,000 people on Instagram. She uses social media as a platform to show that everyone is beautiful in their own way.

Diana Veras's Instagram It-Girl Beauty TutorialDiana Veras's Instagram It-Girl Beauty Tutorial

Photo Credit: Allure

Veras rarely remembers the names of the products she uses, but sure has great makeup tips. You will also notice that she loves using one product for several different needs. Her best tools for this easy routine are her hands. The gorgeous Afro-Hispanic model starts by applying a base for her makeup. Diana loves when her face is moisturized and dewy. The next step is the foundation. A lot of the makeup artists who work with her, tell Veras not to apply foundation first, but she does that anyway. And we must admit that the model’s skin still looks flawless. Don’t forget to also apply on your neck, to even everything out.

Once she is done with that, the next step is to highlight. It seems that everyone is obsessed with glowing, natural-looking skin. For the eyes, Veras uses a bronzer palette instead of eyeshadow. One of her best hacks is to apply a little bit of highlighter in the inner corners of your eyes. The finishing touches include blush, mascara, brushing the eyebrows and lip gloss.

Diana Veras's Instagram It-Girl Beauty Tutorial purple eyeshadow curly hair

Photo Credit: @mynamesdiana

At the end, the gorgeous model finishes the tutorial in 6 minutes and 16 seconds. But it’s all good considering the fact that her adorable cats got in the way and diverted her attention. So, you can’t blame her for getting distracted.

Written by Martina Todorovska
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