Fashion Trends That Will Be Out in 2018

Fashion Trends That Will be Out in 2018 Kylie Jenner

This year we went pretty hard on some trends that is time to let them go in 2018. You know when you find a catchy song and play it on repeat – it’s the same with fashion trends. We went crazy over some pieces in 2017 that now by the end of the year is almost a love-hate relationship. But no worries, just let them go in 2018 and they will eventually appear again after a while After all, almost every trend has a comeback at a certain point.

Here are the items you need to take out of your closet in 2018:


Fashion Trends That Will be Out in 2018 choker

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This necklace rose to fame in 2016 after many stars accessorized their Coachella looks with chokers. Taylor Swift was one of the celebrities who popularized this trend. People went even further by tying ribbons and shoelaces around their necks. Well, we all had enough of it – chokers are most likely to go back in history where they belong.

Corset Belts

Fashion Trends That Will be Out in 2018 Kylie Jenner

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Corset belts were back in the fashion game thanks to the Kardashians and the Jenners and their model friends the Hadid sisters. These It girls upgraded simple t-shirt dresses or shirts with big corset belts that accents the waist. Since then Instagram went crazy over it – almost every single Insta-chic flaunted a corset belt. This was an instant trend that is expected to leave the fashion scene in 2018.

Bomber Jackets

Fashion Trends That Will be Out in 2018 floral satin bomber and vintage jeans

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These jackets were a staple in everyone’s wardrobe for too long. We don’t have anything against them, but to be honest, they have been around forever. In 2018 outwear will have more confident cuts and tailored shapes. On the other hand, oversized silhouettes are also expected to take bomber jacket’s place.

Painful Shoes

Fashion Trends That Will be Out in 2018 nude stilettos

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Fact: In 2018 women don’t want to suffer in the name of fashion. You have probably noticed that in the last couple of years heels are becoming lower and wider. Women in general, but especially young style icons prefer comfortable shoes. That’s why the “ugly” sneaker trend rose to fame in 2017. So, ladies, the pain is going out of style in 2018.

Off-The-Shoulder Necklines

Fashion Trends That Will be Out in 2018 off-the-shoulder top

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Summer 2017 was all about off-the-shoulder necklines. This trend even transferred to denim jackets, trench coats and sweaters. So, we went hard on off-the-shoulder necklines all year long. Therefore, we should get more creative in 2018. It’s easy to resist at this time of the year but we will see what the summer months will bring.

Real Fur

Fashion Trends That Will be Out in 2018 fux fur jacket and black jeans

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Not only that is not ethical, but real fur is not fashionable at all. Even Gucci‘s creative director Alessandro Michele back this statement up. Besides Gucci, Michael Kors and Jimmy Choo joined the ranks of Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Stella McCartney, Ralph Lauren and the online luxury retailer Net-a-porter that also have adopted this concept in the past. Young style icons are more conscious nowadays and prefer sustainable pieces that don’t harm the environment or the animals.

Written by Ivana Steriova
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