Dondup Pre-Fall 2018 Collection

Dondup Pre-Fall 2018 Collection 1

Dondup’s new collection is millennial’s dream. Starting with mismatched prints, cuts, and colors, the Pre-Fall 2018 designs will fit perfectly in the closets of the trendy ladies. Don’t be surprised if you see influencers such as Bella and Gigi Hadid wearing these chic athleisure pieces as a part of their street style. The brand’s latest preview is full of wearable items that will perfectly fit your end-of-summer wardrobe.

Dondup Pre-Fall 2018 Collection pleated skirt red and pink sweater

Dondup Pre-Fall 2018 Collection floral coat

In the Pre-Fall 2018 collection Dondup, made a case for clashing patterns. The brand managed to pull off this trend successfully without making their outfits look overwhelming. Among the many fun patterns, you will see checks, stripes, and florals in various styles. The whole collection radiates a noticeable 80s vibe, with the upgraded plaid blazers, pleated skirts, and frilled dresses. Another thing worth praising is the color range. It varies from vibrant shades such as red, lavender, green, pink, to darker hues like black, navy and gray.

Dondup Pre-Fall 2018 Collection red pleated skirt striped sweater scarf red coat

Dondup Pre-Fall 2018 Collection lavender dress

Dondup as a brand is well known for their unique style based on rock and grunge influences. To these bold vibes, the fashion house always includes a hint of elegance. Their looks are made for free-spirited ladies who are not afraid to experiment with their style. Like any other Italian fashion company, Dondup relies on perfect tailoring, craftsmanship, and elegance. Even from the very start, they managed to show feminine collections made of chic, fashion-forward designs.

Dondup Pre-Fall 2018 Collection check coat burgundy pants sweater

Dondup Pre-Fall 2018 Collection check blazer floral skirt

According to Dondup, athleisure will still be present in 2018. The brand matched their sporty designs with high heels and their elegant ones with combat boots. That shows the intention to achieve a balance between ultimate femininity and boyish charm. The designers even dared to include a super-chic tracksuit as a part of the collection and pair it with thick socks and high heels. Not a lot of fashion houses would opt to involve such aesthetics in their presentations.

Dondup Pre-Fall 2018 Collection track suit

Dondup Pre-Fall 2018 Collection long blue coat

Aside from these laid-back looks, the final part of the collection is made of more elegant combos. Dondup wanted to have their customers ready with elegant ensembles that are a bit different from what other brands offer. This time they matched glamorous sequined skirts with sweaters.

Dondup Pre-Fall 2018 Collection sequined skirt gray sweater

Dondup Pre-Fall 2018 Collection pleated skirt black sweater

The brand was established in 1999 by the designer Massimo Berloni and his wife Manuela Mariotti. Thanks to their unique sense of fashion and quality clothing, Dondup started gaining popularity almost immediately. In the beginning of 2017, Manuela decided to leave the Italian fashion house. Her last presentation was the Fall 2017 collection in Milan.

Dondup Pre-Fall 2018 Collection floral dress lavender cropped jacket

Dondup Pre-Fall 2018 Collection red dress

Photo Credit: Dondup

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