Barbie Ferreira’s Drugstore Hack for Perfect Brows

Barbie Ferreira's Drugstore Hack for Perfect Brows

The beautiful Barbie Ferreira is one of the most inspirational young ladies on social media. We got to know her thanks to the successful modeling career and voluptuous looks. Now Barbie filmed a 5-minute beauty routine video that will “make you look like you didn’t spend way too much time at the bar last night’. Since we all need those tiny hacks from celebrities, watch the video and learn how to get that fresh-faced look without much effort.

Many women will find Babie’s first step relatable. The fierce model/actress likes to speak out loud and tell her opinion about everything. So, Barbie revealed that she starts her beauty routine by removing her mustache. A lot of ladies don’t feel comfortable to speak about unwanted hair. But Ferreira is not one of those influencers that are trying to present themselves as perfect.

Barbie Ferreira's Drugstore Hack for Perfect Brows 1

Photo Credit: @barbienox/Instagram

The next step for the model is applying a primer. She uses only several drops to keep her skin fresh, hydrated and smooth. The primer will also help you to visually get rid of pores. It will fill in the irregularities and make your skin look smoother. The next thing she does is applying foundation. First, the Insta star pumps several drops on the back of her hands, before blending it with a brush. Ferreira ended up using her fingers to finish the job.

Once she’s done with the liquid foundation, she moves on to blush and cheeks. For this step, the model once again uses a brush and a liquid soft peach blush. This is a great way to naturally accent your cheekbones and very easy for everyday use. Don’t forget to add a little glow with a highlighter. The last move in perfecting the look of your skin is to set everything with a powder. Barbie keeps the eye makeup very simple and natural. Her essential products are a white eyeliner for the inner lash line and an eyelash curler.

Barbie Ferreira's Drugstore Hack for Perfect Brows

Photo Credit: Allure

One of the biggest hacks we learned from Barbie is her super-innovative way of getting her brows on point. The eyebrows are the feature that accents your face, especially if you have thick ones that stand out. She uses an old mascara and goes through her brows with the brush. For when she wants a more toned-down look, Ferreira has a clean wand to just brush her eyebrows. This is such an easy and inexpensive trick for ladies with darker brows. Always finish off with a good lip stain for a touch of glam on your lips.

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