22 Paper Bag Pants To Make You Forget About Jeans

22 Paper Bag Pants To Make You Forget About Jeans (2)
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Wearing regular pants and jeans all the time can become boring. Ladies sometimes have limited style options when it comes to work attire. The office style is usually based on classic pants or skirts. So adding something new to your look can be a great change. Even if we are talking about casual everyday wear, there is one piece of clothing that we always underrate. Paper bag pants became a huge trend during summer 2017. And most women weren’t thrilled about this new pant style. That is mostly because they don’t have the right styling hacks on how to make them look trendy. If you don’t have the right ideas on how to style something, just take a look at our galleries and you’ll be the trendiest person around.

Paper bag pants belong both on the streets and in the office.When you first think about these pants, you imagine an old-fashioned pair that looks outdated. But this year the paper bags got a complete make-over. They are still on the trends list, which is an indication that we’ll be wearing them in 2018.

The best way to wear this garment is to match it with tight, body-hugging tops. Everything from a monochrome blouse, crop top, to a chic shirt will do the job. That way you will accent your silhouette and add a sexy touch to your look. Since there are many different styles of paper bag pants, make sure to choose the one that flatters your body type. The most popular design this year was the baggy, high-rise one, tightly belted on the waist. They create an illusion of a tiny waist and complement every single body type. At first, you might feel a bit skeptic about them, but you will end up falling in love once you try them on.

During the last few months, bloggers showed many impactful ways on how to wear paper bag pants. Most of them decided to break the main rule of pairing them with a tight top. Instead, these fashionable ladies matched their pants with oversized sweatshirts and frilled shirts. When it comes to colors and patterns, the choices are very diverse.

Check out these chic paper bag pants outfits and steal some tips on how to wear them. Once you find out how fashionable they can look, you’ll rock them all the time.

22 Paper Bag Pants To Make You Forget About Jeans gray pants white turtleneck

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