How to Get Fresh-Faced Makeup Look According to Celebs

How To Get Fresh Faced Makeup Look According to Celebs Gigi Hadid

You must have noticed this celebrity trend. It’s everywhere from red carpets to shoots and runways. Celebrities swear by the fresh-faced makeup look for a very good reason. This natural makeup look is also known as the after-sex glow. But many would ask: ” Can you get this irresistible glow without any action?” Well, with the power of makeup you can. And this is not just any natural makeup look, it’s the celebrity-approved fresh-faced glowing wonder. You have to follow certain tips to achieve it, but no worries – we know all of the celebs’ after-sex glow secrets!

There is no wonder that you need to keep your skincare game strong to make the most out of this look. The next step is to choose a foundation with sheer coverage. You can use a liquid highlighter on the high points of your face before applying the foundation as well. Instead of a highlighter, you can use moisturizer or vaseline. The red carpet pro Mary Phillips who is Jennifer Lopez‘s and Chrissy Teigen’s go-to makeup artist advises that you warm your moisturizer with your fingers and apply only a small amount on your cheeks, down the nose, and on the forehead after applying foundation. Kim Kardashian’s makeup god Mario Dedivanovic often uses vaseline to reminiscent the glow that’s a result of a steamy situation under the sheets.

Whatever you decide to use as a highlighter, make sure you won’t cover it with powder. In fact, you should avoid powders as much as possible. Apply powder only to the center of your face, because you need to keep that glow at its best. Cream blush is also a better option than powder blush when it comes to a fresh-faced makeup look. Peachy and pink shades will add life to your face and make your makeup look even more natural.

Keep your eye makeup neutral and in the warm color palette. Everything from warm brown/bronze smokey eye to smudged eyeliner would fit the fresh-faced theme. You can even go without eyeshadow, but you have to focus on the lashes. Make sure you curl your lashes by moving the curler from side to side. Since the entire look is toned-down, your lashes are your secret weapon. Make sure you don’t layer excessive coats of mascara and keep the makeup look clean and neat.

Besides nailing that after-sex glow, you also need to pay attention to the lips. We don’t need to further explain – lips need to look like you have been kissing for hours. To fake this kind of look you can brush your lips with a toothbrush for a few minutes. If you prefer something effortless, get lip plumping products that will have the same effect. Follow up with a lip gloss or lipstick in a satin finish for the best results.

Flip through our gallery of celebrity fresh-faced makeup looks to see these tips in action.

Shay Mitchell

How To Get Fresh Faced Makeup Look According to Celebs Shay Mitchell

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Upgrade the glossy lips with a matching eye makeup to get your face glammed up and refreshed at the same time.

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